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I Saw it Happen ~ Poetics ~ dVersePoets

Ten years ago, I was at home, playing the role of super Mom to my year old daughter, and thinking we had the world by the you know whats!  In a rather odd turn of events, I had the tv tuned to CNN.  I am not a news watcher, but for what ever reason, I saw the events of 9/11 unfold…and it changed me at my core.  Mark has asked us at Poetics today, to turn toward the memorial…whether the events of ten years ago, or an equally moving circumstance.  This was incredibly difficult for me and of the pages I’ve filled in an effort to answer the poetic prompt at dVerse…this is the closest to post-worthy I’ve come.

I Saw it Happen

I saw it happen – I felt the fear
Unbelievable moment- Nightmare is real
I watched it over – running on loop
Detached-disconnected-all too surreal
No feel –
-ing could describe
Dreamlike disbelief
Heavy weight of grief
Indestructible towers
Lost super powers
As the walls begin to crumble
Where the rubber meets the road
Burdens – heavy load
Those who protect our souls
Had their sights set on different roads
There’s fire in the sky
At the hands of those who’d die
In the name of their father
At the ungodly hour
A day of brilliant sun-undone
Lost amongst the bodies falling,
Officials stalling
Drowning in no longer important papers
Now foundation for skyscrapers
Sacred earth now lends rebirth
Our leaders were not safe
Missiles fly, weight of sky
Mothers, children, fathers die
Air Force one, its story time.
I saw it happen, I saw his fear
Alarm bells ringing
No escape clear
And for days after
Those lost than found
And those poor souls
Sent straight to ground
Never found
Dollars pay for doctors’ fees
Broadcasters scream that we are free..
yet can’t erase the memory
and forever chained
We will remain
This was the day
The world was changed.

26 thoughts on “I Saw it Happen ~ Poetics ~ dVersePoets

  1. nope memories can't be erased ..I thought I was watching a die hard movie until I realised it was actually real and happening.Love your gritty feel you gave this ..thank you

  2. …As the walls begin to crumble, somehow the world as we knew it began to crumble and we're still stumbling about the scattered parts that spread like stings across the world…fine write tashi..

  3. …and all the while, Dubya went on reading My Pet Goat and looking clueless. I'll never understand the kind of unreasoning hate that drives people to do this kind of thing to strangers. And to say it is done in the name of any god is absurd.

  4. smiles. i appreciate the hardness it was to write this…i get emotional each time i try…all the jumble of emotion around it…each day as i have written in the last 4 has been a different facet…nice testimony to your own view of it…it caught us all by surprise…and became surreal very fast….

  5. Tasha, nice write. I watched it all unfold on GMA … my little one was an infant and my older son was in high school… I stayed glued in disbelief . Watching the ceremony today my tears flowed .

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this fateful day.After 10 years, I still remember it too. Watching the footages today made it all so unreal, yet it happened.

  7. Great share Tash ~ yes it will be one of those you will never forget where you were and what you were doing ~ like Kennedys assassination ~ here (UK) the Aberfan disaster ~ I like you had the tv on and a prog was interrupted with a scene that me and my daughter thought was not real ~ both in disbelief ~ even now it's hard to take in and hard to watch ~ *tears* flowed watching the families ~ still raw for one and all ~ ty for sharing Tash and for your words ~ Lib x

  8. You clearly transcribe your reaction for all to see, remember. relate, and realize the heaviness of the burden those days have laid on us will never quite fall off our shoulders, however hard we shrug. Fine handling of a subject all too easy to distort–instead, it's plainer than ever here.

  9. Sacred earth now lends rebirth…makes me think of the metaphor of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Those memories are etched in all our minds. I watched it unfold as I lay recovering from my kidney transplant. The pain went from my body to my heart.

  10. Well written, Tash. Your words echo the feeling and emotions of countless. Nearly everyone remembers where they were. I was leaving for NY by car (and then Nova Scotia) and I went. Wonderful work here.

  11. Very vivid and evocative, Natasha– this is the most difficult of things to write of, I think, because it was dramatic to the 100th power, and now has been elevated to spectacle for many. Good for you for persevering–xxxj

  12. Thank you, Natasha. Your torment in finding something to write is just as touching as what you finally shared with us. I'm one of Bush's biggest critics, but it's interesting to note that people who were schoolchildren in the classroom that day have been interviewed and every one of them said positive things about the president. They all appreciated that he went on with the reading and didn't scare them, even though they were well aware something was wrong. The question still remains whether there was a larger issue than not scaring one group of children….just throwing it out there….

  13. No this did happen and I was like you when I got the phone call and turned on the TV I thought it was a film out of Hollywood and it was not really true. But it was and so sad as they played it over and over again on International TVhttp://gatelesspassage.com/2011/09/11/the-sorrow-of-our-times/

  14. The day that 'the world changed' what a great powerful verse.My TV was already on and I thought for sure it was going to kill my husband at the time. The lack of mercy for the innocent forever changed society. At the time completely crushed our hearts through their ignorance and disregard for life. He did pass 3 years later.

  15. Oh, I can relate to this because my son was 2. I kept thinking, what have I done by bringing this child into this crazy world. It was a scary day for sure, and I agree that this was a tough one. I scrapped several myself. Well done 🙂

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