Geopoliticus ~ OpenLinkNight #8 ~ dVersePoets


Nations tremble
in awe of the power
as new man rises.
The child cowers
as her world splits
in two, in four
dividing against itself
as thousands rush
to fertilize the off spring.
Begging release, direction
acceptance of dictator
better than having
to think for ourselves.
Tell them what to do
these children,
God forbid you let them think!
We have not birthed brains
capable of such freedom.
These egg shells slice skin
too easy, breezy blood loss
where our borders are broken
Despite our insistence
On having them at all.
And the child grows
Out of her fear
To evolve into
The prettiest of puppets
Ready to do the biding
Of those that draw the lines.
Geopoliticus and Child~Salvadore Dali~1943
 It’s OpenLinkNight at the pub and this week you’ll have the pleasure of meeting one of my personal favorites! Joy Anne Jones (aka HedgeWitch) is going to be tending bar and keeping the steps to the mic clear! Step up to our stage and share your words with dVersePoets.

43 thoughts on “Geopoliticus ~ OpenLinkNight #8 ~ dVersePoets

  1. whew tell it tash…we have not birthed brains…freedom..how true…we are always looking for a king to lead…and then to blame…it lets us off from taking responsibility you know…

  2. And oh how the puppets get used, thinking how they are in control when really just playing right into the hands of those that draw those thin lines, erasing and breaking them as they see fit. So deep thought with this pieceAnd that's a face it fact, now this comment will cease…haha

  3. Deep thoughts tonight…so good, Tash! phew..'These egg shells slice skintoo easy, breezy blood losswhere our borders are brokenDespite our insistenceOn having them at all.' – well penned, my friend..

  4. Children, adults.. your words apply as well.These lines are powerful: God forbid you let them think!We have not birthed brainscapable of such freedom.Picture is perfect for this post ~

  5. This so speaks to how I feel about some people in the U.S. So many seem ready to support the craziest people and ideas. I want to shake them and say think before you vote. They say they want freedom, but as you penned: "We have not birthed brainscapable of such freedom." Well said and well formed!

  6. Too often- too true…"The child grows / Out of her fear…"very clever – will someone ever survive this "Geopoliticus?"Or is this the only option, to be the "pretty puppets?"I love the writing, love the connection with the Dali, and the title is very clever!

  7. Very cool post, Natasha, and sadly too true as well. Too many children torn and shaped by events, too few to lead them the way they need to go, too many to manipulate them instead. Fear is a powerful master. Great Dali pic, also.

  8. I could write all day in prose on this topic. You did it well in such a few words.Edmund Burke said: "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." and: “All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” So you tapped into a universal in this fine piece, my friend Tash! Well done. G.

  9. Striking ending. I also especially like “as thousands rush / to fertilize the offspring” and, with several others here, “These egg shells slice skin” with the complementary Dali(cious)!

  10. I do find myself overwhelmed at the state of the world. This is an excellent write, and there were some wonderful lines here such as, "These egg shells slice skintoo easy, breezy blood losswhere our borders are broken"Well done 🙂

  11. i like the blending of conceptual borders at the national level and then to cells and a child. the evolution, but to what? the power structure's control methods are evolving, too, often a step ahead of the pack. hopefully we get a miracle and things really change…

  12. Why don't you just sit down and write a poem, girl:) Hot d… this was fine. Love reading when someone has smething to say and isn't afriad to say it. Keep stroking those keys, tash, this is good.

  13. Very very timely Tash… I wonder why this theme is always in fact timely… some lessons are hard to learn… something about power, absolute and corrupt springs to mind.Enjoyed the systematic progression to this great finale:The prettiest of puppetsReady to do the bidingOf those that draw the lines.(..bidding? or playing with biding time?)

  14. This resonates perfectly with the time, and with all times. This is distilled to an essential rhythm and beat, and fashioned with great intelligence. We need reminding, always.

  15. Fantastic write my friend, loved the way you carried the message from start to finish. Beautifully done! ~ RoseAnd thank you for your kind comments on my words, its been great having such a great knowing of soul sisters in this world through poetry, glad your one of them!

  16. You're not afraid of big themes, are you? Deep truths here:We have not birthed brainscapable of such freedom.People are afraid of freedom in so many ways, from the powerful preserving their interests to the powerless turning away from their own spirit. Brava!

  17. no suprises but i love this tash – very gritty and hard edged prompting many ideas and images – i love the picture and the tie in. you do surreal good – im very much into this piece – its really good – im off for another read

  18. Title ~ Dali Image ~ Poem ~ Nailed Tash ~ so much pours out powering lines 'eggshells slice skin' with gritty edge ~ puppets bred ~ while others in power think and manipulate ~ Brilliant Tash ~ Power to you ~ Lib x

  19. powerful… sinister… true.i could cry thinking of what the future holds for too many children on this planet, especially girls.an extremely moving piece, Natasha. and great art. love it all!dani ♥

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