The Coming of Night ~ For InTandem #8

What a pleasant surprise it was to return home from a mini vacation on beautiful Prince Edward Island, and find that Jinksy had chosen one of my doodles from Running With Crayons to use as prompt. She also presented us with a creation of her own, which I chose to use to prompt some poetry this morning.

Hope you enjoy it and if you find the time, visit us at InTandem#8 and share your take on the images.

The Coming of Night

The raging lion bleeds into twilight
Washing out the sky in violet dreams
While marshmallow clouds cast shadows
Upon these gentle lands of green.

Blades of grass rise up to sing
In honor of this rare light
And trees bow low in gentle breeze
To welcome coming night

Lavender hills rise up to meet
Twilight sky in splendid glory
Children run to jump on laps
Preparing bedtime stories

All is well and all is good
As raging lion dips from sight
And dreams are set to crickets’ song
The coming of the night.

By Jinksy In Tandem #8      


8 thoughts on “The Coming of Night ~ For InTandem #8

  1. And what an evening Idyll you have created, Natasha ♥ Thank you! I must say, your blog's black background makes the light in my painting positively glow… And your words have captured its mood exactly in your delightful, hot off the presses poem.

  2. raging lion…nice…love the rising up to sing of the blades of grass as well…all is well…that has a nice feel to it…was nice to see your art as well when i stumbled on it the other day…artist, writer, poet…anything you dont do? smiles.

  3. Great paining by Jinksy for sureAnd your world make it shine that much moreThat is simply a face it factI can do much but a stick person is all the drawing that would come from my little rhyming act..haha

  4. this poem calls out to me, Natasha ~ there's something about the transition from day to night which touches something deep inside. your imagery is as gorgeous as Jinksy's art and the raging lion is sublime!d ♥

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