Speechless ~ Poetics ~ dVersePoets

damn…tongue thick, swollen
no saliva to save my soul
no thought, no thinking

wordless, spent
mind wonders, trips, blips
no spit

still frame nightmares
grainy, wide-eyed

statement mislead
by subtitles

not mine
that’s fine
steal the words

-ity races

get me my crayons!

It’s Poetics with Sheila Moore over at the pub today, and wouldn’t you know it…I’ve been left speechless by the prompt! The silent film era and all it encompasses…visit dVerse and see if you don’t do me one better! For better or for worse…sometimes you just gotta write!


26 thoughts on “Speechless ~ Poetics ~ dVersePoets

  1. Oh, can I relate! I have been tongue-tied for days. What an excellent expression of the prompt. Silence may appeal in some facets but when it comes to expression, your silence has beauty. Thanks!Beth

  2. I agree. Bring on the crayons. Sometimes the muse has a message but no words to express it. Crayons are good.And my WV is "feelin" – yeah, I'm feelin' it alright.

  3. I see you finally wrestled your muse into submission, and a very fine result you got from it, too. This manages to cut down to communication basics, just like the old films,larger than life to make life make sense, and even art. Loved it, Tash. Great job with the prompt.

  4. Natasha, I like this a lot. Honest thoughts. Sometimes when I want to write as well, all that comes is 'silence,' but then again….if I wait a bit, something comes, for better or worse. And sometimes I just have to write TOO! Your poem said it well.(As an aside, I love Nova Scotia!! Such beauty there in landscape and in people.)

  5. Look at you making something great out of that awful feeling we've all experienced. Loved those first two stanzas, and I'll color with you anytime. We can put all our crayons together for more color πŸ™‚

  6. brilliance is your name – you took your writer's block and wrote about it – that will show it! (smiles) It is kind of funny that a prompt on silence left you silenced (I bet that doesn't happen often – lol.) I am so glad you posted – thank you so much. It wouldn't have been the same without you this weekend πŸ™‚

  7. Great write, Ms. Tash! If i send you crayons your poetry will just get better and more colorful! Your tongue is tied with sticky notes – just getting crazy trying to choose which of your phrases are best to string together. You're getting better every write! Well done, on a great subject. G.

  8. Tash, really enjoyed the piece. I like the prompt too. Been a bit off the grid past couple days but If I can find a moment or two, I'll definitely take it up, if not most certainly it'll be something to creep it's way onto the blog. Really liked the way you've tackled the prompt. Have seen a few so far and they've all been really good and each handled quite differently. Love watching how some weeks similarity seems the conqueror and others diversity seems to reign supreme. Anyhow, really nice write.

  9. An honest write… so if we can't find the words to write, color the blank page. Thanks for sharing this…Happy to see you back from your vacation. Enjoy our long weekend ~

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