An Unspoken Arrangement ~ OpenLinkNight 7

An Unspoken Arrangement
He watches me
I know this, because he told me
In the evenings
I leave curtains open, blinds up
it’s easier this way.
For now, this keeps him happy
peering in on my life
At one time he was a part of it
a vital part
he chose to forsake that
He was never supposed to come back
in that untruth I found peace
Now he watches
agreeing to resist the urge
to cross lines, trample hearts
But I know he has crossed it
I know he seeks me beyond the view
through those I am close to.
They tell me
I laugh
and pray the agreement
remains unspoken
as I open the curtains to twilight
ignoring the eyes in the shadows
We’re going live at the pub 3pm est.  I’m tending bar, and hoping you’ll join us at dVersePoets for the biggest and best poetry linkup EVER! It’s OpenLinkNight and you’re officially invited!

55 thoughts on “An Unspoken Arrangement ~ OpenLinkNight 7

  1. wow. this is a little eerie…there are a couple ways to interpret…stalker of course…but also there is something spiritual or other worldly here as well…very well writ tash…one of my favs…have fun hosting tonight!

  2. Frightening scene with curtains open at night.Unresolved love with no firm ending, comes to mind:"He was never supposed to come backin that untruth I found peaceClosure"See you later ~

  3. wow – this is mysterious tash…kinda keeps my phantasy walking all kinds of possible paths…love the feeling in this…and hey…looking forward to you tending the bar tonight….make 'em dance lovely lady…smiles

  4. Wow, spooky good poem, Natasha! At first I saw this as being about a past ghost coming back to haunt, but the more I think about it, to me it seems like this mysterious stalker could be fate, unable to keep its hands out of one's life.

  5. Natasha…a "nice" stalker? Unspoken agreements? Sounds like a certain amount of trust there. Beyond understanding, but there nevertheless! A Beauty, Natasha!

  6. We all want to look in, to remain constant, even though the door is closed. The healthy ones know when to walk down the street, leaving the window,unguarded. great poem today!

  7. Love the synecdoche of voyeur in the window and a lover who says he only wants an occasional peek into his forsaken beloved's life. The speaker permits though there is the sense that the ante is always going up.– Brendan

  8. The strangeness of human relationships. You've expressed this well. It's a dark place to be when you feel you're the one that has to shed a little light into another's twisted shadow.

  9. leaving open the cutains – just in case – some really cool and smart devices here tash – i see it has opened up some debate – i wouldnt like to say as i know these things can start with one meaning and end with another – i really enjoyed the elemets within tash – an intresting write for surecheers

  10. Definitely like the way you wrote this, can be read a few ways, but the whole stalker angle keeps the edge there all the while. Great write Tash:)

  11. Haunting and evocative, I feel like the is more between the lines of this poem then there is the words themselves, as if the words effectively point to what you want to say while leaving the reader to truly wonder. The brevity and tripling of your lines only add to that effect. So well done at pointing at that space that could be good or bad, or something undecided.

  12. I'm not sure which is more interesting a character, the dark figure out watching in the night, or the one who leaves the curtains open–is the transgressor seeking absolution, is the 'victim' actually the tormentor? Which is which. Fascinating poem Tash, yes, a bit eerie, but also a real dive down into the subconscious. Enjoyed it much.

  13. You made my pulse race with each line. I know the feeling of being watched and it is definitely unnerving. Excellent capturing of the tension and building unease.Beth

  14. I am of two minds about this poem. No question it's a good poem…a haunting poem.The danger is real there…and that is what is alarming. But you have written some 'edgy' and that is what is primary.Spooky, too.Lady Nyo

  15. I don't find this eerie, spooky or creepy at all. I read it as an ex partner, now rethinking and curious to come back, but unable to cross the threshold, so he just watches, through the open acquiescent curtains. However this is, I find it so intriguing, the relationship between viewer and viewee. Sublimely expressed. Well done! 🙂

  16. I also don't find it eerie at all. The way you have described it in plain simple words no decoration Nothing.. just simple as it is ..is what i liked Loved reading it and felt the feeling of being watched through this 🙂

  17. I choose not to read any comments before I comment but I interpret this as a past love that you are still cordial with but never want to love again because they hurt you. I may be wrong but boy this write strikes a cord within me beautiful Tasha!!!

  18. Tasha, Wow! This is such a powerful piece… alluring… the closure that remains open … and there's the rub with those "vital" parts of our lives… they never seem to stop beating.Thank you for hosting tonight and leaving your encouraging words for me to enjoy.

  19. I also didn't find it creepy, as it seems the speaker is the one in control, and is choosing to live her life as she would if there were no watcher. But I do find it enthralling! Like some others, I thought of an ex-husband.

  20. As I first read, I pictured an intrusive man, but as I continued, I too, found a spiritual undertone. Interesting write for sure. I think you've piqued all of our curiosity with this one 🙂

  21. Lover/stalker/voyeur How does one live with this…well, you write about it for one…interesting, but eerie, haunting, and perhpas dangerous. Good write!

  22. Love and autumn and unresolved closure, loved your write! It inspired me. Not for the one I posted.but the one I need to write but do not have the words yet. Thank You so much for this title.

  23. You know simple me, Tash, but for once I saw something beyond the obvious in this piece. I imagined this window a computer monitor and the watcher an online presence. Gave it a whole different flavor that creeped me as much as a literal reading. You're rocking it these days, sweetie!

  24. I get the feeling of swaying here, toward touch, violation of agreement, away again, just to watch. The exposer semi-controlling the voyeur, maybe, maybe not. When will the tension break? Excellent!

  25. i enjoyed the sense of discomfort you built here, especially the line in that untruth i found peace. arrangements in our lives can be so dysfunctional and everyday. thanks for a good view of the shadows here.:)

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