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Today, Brian Miller has gifted us with a seeing third eye.  There is magic at work at the pub today, as we embrace our gift, to see what, until now, has remained hidden. The forces that run the world are often unseen, but dVerse is changing all that.  Come on over, pull up your favorite bar stool, and have a read of some of the most amazing poets to be found on the web.  Their brilliant word weaving is truly magical, and I consider myself most honored to be able to share my words with them.

Spirit Killers

You feel them before you see them,
even when the veil is lifted.
They walk amongst us, hungry
disguised as mothers, fathers
family, friends
their poison knows no blood line.

Their loyalty rests only with themselves
plunderers of fortunes
mercenaries of unseen devils
waiting to suck all that is good
from the world

They covet, destroy
hurt, maim
with condescending words
false gestures of kindness
traps laid to ensnare

They feed upon all that is good
bringing their wrath down upon man
depression, doubt, hate, self-loathing
an absence of hope
and they know
without hope,
you have nothing.

They dwell in houses of man
with soft evening light
pouring forth into darkness
from warm window panes
where they congregate
planing the demise
of all that is good

They are the Marys, the Bobs and the Janes
They are our bankers, our clergy, our teachers
They steal the spirit of a child
quicker than anything
they hunger for the innocence
the purity
the love

They hunger for the power that comes with destruction
For if they are never to know happiness
then no one will know happiness.

You can see them you know, if you really look
Their own eyes are dead…lifeless….soulless
and you will know when you see them,
to run
run as fast as you can
before you are left feeling worthless, unloved

This is the goal
This is the purpose
This is the Spirit Killer.


44 thoughts on “Spirit Killers ~Poetics~ dVersePoets

  1. ok, you gave me shivers…they are soul suckers and eaters….and some even with the best of intentions as they slaughter the child with in…nice write my friend you bring the undead to life…for what they are…

  2. Earlier today I was talking w/ a poet who had posted a quote about the light and dark co-existing within us and it reminded of Carl Jung's work with the archetype of the shadow. As a culture, we project our own negativity on others and sometimes do not see that. Giving body and image to the Shadow is difficult and you've made a worthy attempt here— xj

  3. Great poem, you write about a side of humanity that is unfortunately ever present wherever you are…and usually you know who they are…envy eats them up so bad that they want to bring everyone else down with them…even children…is sad but keep on going that drives them nuts!

  4. Yowser, Tasha my dear, a strong write. You are write, you can't see them until they are gone, or collecting your alimony. Super write; and yes you can WRITE POEMS, real poems, with life that breathe and give life.

  5. Some big ideas here Tash – and you havent held back – its a full frontal assualt – running is the best option – then hiding up and hitting them from the shadows – guerilla style. The trouble is they are everywhere – even in the shadows and my mirror…..

  6. Very good advice. There have been several poems about demons (that's what I call them). Someone mentioned that many more people profess to believe in angels than demons. But demons exist, they are people, and you've just described them.

  7. A whirlwind recrimination and generous warning to us all that everything is not what it seems. I had a sociopathic boss a few years ago that chewed up everyone in his wake while 'charming' his way through life. Eventually they saw through it but not before 14 people were laid off (at a place with only 18 employees). I agree with Arron, guerilla style is a good plan of attack unless it's the inner shadow then even more stealth is required. Powerhouse writing.

  8. "their poison knows no blood line" = brilliantI love the end. It took my emotions and sat them down for a good talk. Well done.

  9. Lord, Natasha–and I thought mine was grim! This is the deep freeze of chilling–so well written and so true. The verse about the children really got to me–that's the time they strike, when you are most vulnerable and trusting. I'm watching the shadows, now, girl…old Chicago saying comes to mind: 'cut em if they stand, shoot em if they run.'

  10. Spirit killers-ugh there seemed to be so many. You really have to know where to look for the spirit lifters (like you). That's why I keep coming back to the tashtoo parlour!

  11. And in the South, it often begins with these "evil" little words…"Bless her/his heart, he/she… and then the stream of vitriol follows. Many have the audacity to say it straight to your face not content to have already said it "behind your back" to everyone who knows you. Ah yes, I know the Spirit Killers who are merciless bullies.

  12. Yes, these spirit killers are vampires of a sort, unable to generate any warmth of their own, sucking all trace it of from others til there's nothing left. My wife found out this week that a friend's husband recently committed suicide shooting himself in the head while his wife was nearby. Now that's a farewell that will cripple her forever. Great poem. – Brendan

  13. Wow Natasha…so you have met them too..hmm..very strong write…give your light to try to heal and they will bleed you dry…for if your love feels infinite for others, to at least try, the truth is one's physical body is finite and will wither under the black hole infinite nature of their destructive impulses..i believe it is self-loathing on their behalf, I can't imagine it is just for the sake of it..there must be some cause…surround yourself in your own light, and seal your boundaries and they will leave you..but look elsewhere I fear…hard lessons learnt…wow..hit home…rather waffled i'm afraid…

  14. dark grim spirit killers… they are everywhere. Yes indeed they are but I also believe that if we notice them and give them power, then indeed they become powerful, and destroy us.and they live not in others, but in us as well.thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts ~

  15. a nice write, serious stuff but as soon as I began with the fourth stanza, all I could think of was dementors, damn you Harry Potter.

  16. i enjoy a good sinister read. i tend to think that whatever quality exists in any deranged person also to some extent exists in me, as well as everyone. that said, there's obviously a place for villains in literature and legend to represent that dark half of ourselves. what i especially like about this sinister piece is that it is very straightforward. the strongest work is very clear in whatever it conveys. cool read.

  17. Oh, well done. When I read the prompt, this is the first thing I thought of, those creepy people you can feel before you even see them. But, I couldn't make it work, the words wouldn't come. Enjoyed your take on those spirit killers, and you are right that they come in all forms.

  18. 'They are the Marys, the Bobs and the Janes…'bankers, our clergy, our teachersThey steal the spirit of a childquicker than anything'they hunger for the innocence''They hunger for the power that comes with destruction''For if they are never to know happinessthen no one will know happiness.'Wow Natasha think you painted a serious indictment on society and it's evils ~ tempting with the proverbial carrot luring into their web of lies but with a smiling face ~ but too late to escape ~ happiness is destroyed and only misery to be endured ~ you nailed every nuance and sinewed avenue one may be tempted to travail ~ packed with empty promises ~ flipping excellente Tash ~ epic

  19. Oh so true, I prefer my own company, all the drama out there. You can see em walking across the room. Honest and true writing. Very good expression here, and with a kind voice. Thanks.

  20. yikes! definitely an excellent argument for never leaving my house again…unless they already got to me and i don't know it…would that my third eye spotted them as easily as yours.a very tight and biting piece. nicely done!

  21. Thank you for joining Poets United. We look forward to visiting your blog and reading poetry. We also look forward to seeing you in our community.Ink runs from the corners of my mouthThere is no happiness like mine.I have been eating poetry.~Mark Strand

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