In Tandem #7 ~ Butter Cream

This week, while reading through the fantastic linkup at dVersePoets Pub, I came upon a most uplifting write.  I was, of course, compelled to say so, and met a lovely lass who refers to herself as Jinksy, and guess what? The same wonderful image is available for all of us to write to at her blog InTandem.  After my rather dark OpenLinkNight offering, I was in need of some light, and by george, I think I’ve got it.  So, despite a busy schedule with articles to write and poetry to review, I’m taking a break, and enjoying this wonderful prompt.  Oh…you know what? You’ve got all week if you care to join me 🙂

Butter Cream

If life could be as simple
as a watercolor
bleeding through

a poorly stretched canvass
with untrained brushes
lead by untrained hands

but still beauty is what you find
despite errors
and no direction

If life could be as simple
as a birthday cake
too long in the oven

smothered in butter cream
whipped smooth and scalloped
about confetti edges

If life could be as simple
as rain on a summer afternoon
when plans were made for sunshine

but the scent entices
a smile
despite the interruption

If life could be as simple
as the poet with no muse
who still manages to weave

through words, a promise
to always lick the knife clean,
manners be damned
when its butter cream.

Image compliments of Jinksy and InTandem #7

Doesn’t this image just make you feel better! 🙂


20 thoughts on “In Tandem #7 ~ Butter Cream

  1. Ewwww food from you tooThis just won't do..hahahaVery fun writeThe rhymes were tightBut butter cream sounds as appetizing as glueGuess that's just more for youAnd that is a face it factAs you fly around with your busy bee act..haha

  2. I just finished watching Isabella and Donald in Mozart and the Whale, so I really enjoyed reading your "Butter Cream" after the credits; and I agree with Heaven (above) and especially like the third stanza:but still beauty is what you finddespite errorsand no direction

  3. I am delighted by this whimsical but pertinent frosting on your poetic cake! Thank you for taking tho time in your busy life to help pedal my Tandem!

  4. it is a smile-inducing piece & pic. like others here, it seems, i was most moved by the inducement to lick the knife clean! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and thanks to dVerse for bringing poets together!

  5. "but the scent enticesa smiledespite the interruption"This is what gets us through life. Beautiful piece.~laurie kolp

  6. If life could be as simpleas the poet with no musewho still manages to weavethrough words, a promiseto always lick the knife clean,manners be damnedwhen its butter cream……indeed…yummy piece of writing 🙂

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