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It that time of the week again! When the pressure to put pen to paper is overwhelming, and I can share with all you wonderful poets and visitors to the pub! This weeks host is the always awesome Brian Miller, blogger and commenter extraordinaire, and shining star of Waystation One.  It`s sure to be a rocking good time…but I`m thinking these weekly poetry binges could easily become addictive.  Let`s have a go, shall we and raise our glasses once again to the best spot for poetry and poets on the web dVersePoets Pub!

The Land of Opportunity

I came upon a golden door
begging to be opened.
I felt no fear

As I stepped to the threshold
ready to knock
a hand gripped my wrist, I was stopped

Suddenly, I found myself surrounded
Bodies of friends and family,
strangers and foes

all of them ready
to give me 100 reasons
for not trusting my heart.

Each one stood with fingers
pointing down the same road
the safe route

all the better to reach my dreams,
laced with typical road blocks to ambition
family commitments, bank account balances

Why can`t I just be happy
where I am with what I have
with who I am…

If they`re willing to settle
for this charade
should I not be as well…

I turned from the door,
as what was expected
so safe again, they turned from me

But I couldn`t help it
I knocked when they weren`t looking


48 thoughts on “OpenLinkNight 5 dVersePoets

  1. Yeah never settle for a charadeGive a knock and start the paradeOne simple act is all it could takeAnd a Face it Fact it could makeCleverly spunAs always wonderfully done

  2. So glad you snuck in that knock when no one is looking. We so can't live our lives the way others see fit…sometimes it's not easy to live the life we choose though. Nicely done. Keep living your dreams!

  3. brilliantMy fav part:Why can`t I just be happywhere I am with what I havewith who I am…If they`re willing to settlefor this charadeshould I not be as well…"That's like a personal theme for me. Good job.

  4. smiles…why cant i be content…a question i have asked myself…how devious too knocking when no one is looking…and then not telling us who or what came to the door…smiles.

  5. Nobody knows better for you than yourself, even when you don't think you know. Even if you make mistakes, you learn, whereas staying on the safe road, you become absorbed by all that *isn't* you. I say keep on knocking at the door where you want to get in, Natasha. I think it's at least open enough to squeeze through.

  6. this touched me today tash as i'm in a process myself where i wonder what will come next and which doors to open… not always easy, the people around us mean well but in the end i guess – as you write – we gotta trust our hearts..enjoyed this and thanks for sharing a bit from your personal life

  7. Where would poets, writers, artists, musicians be without that stealthy knock. We all gotta go our own way.. Not always safe, but glorious, nevertheless …in self discovery and realization of talents. Inspiring! Thanks.

  8. Really strong self calling penned here. The surroundings and those in it often dictating more of our life than we can even realize, the break through of the 'knock' at the end was a lovely proclamation. Great write my friend! ~ Rose

  9. that's right, tash – go knock on that door – who cares who's looking. I have learned to find people who will help me knock the damn thing down if I asked them to. great message here πŸ™‚

  10. Knock on doors but remember when it shuts behind you, it may limit your choice of others you can open…and at the same time not knocking and carrying on will not bring you that door again. We are the choices we make and freedom is a fragile breeze.

  11. Tash, excellent piece with an exceptional close. The piece itself is strong but topped off with a spreadable-worthy message. Perfect piece to read on stage over at D'verse, happy OLN

  12. So glad you ignored conventional thinking and did your own 'thing' I'm like that, never have wanted to settle for being a sheep when I could in fact be the shepherd. I love being my unique self, glad you do, too and, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.This is a fabulous read.

  13. "Why can`t I just be happywhere I am with what I havewith who I am…" such an important question…and what if it were not a charade…what if this really was enough? Ahh but the mind continues to search for the golden door, it is the nature of being human.

  14. the only safe road (truly) is the one not taken. it is never wrong to trust your heart, though you must be willing to feel the of it breaking and possess the strength to pick up the pieces and continue on. as for knocking…don't…take the doorknob in your hand turn it…if it doesn't open find a window to crawl through.enjoyed your poem. and truth be told i'm quite content with the 'safe' road, but then happiness still eludes me…it might be time for me to find a golden door of my own.

  15. This rocks! Something tells me that as soon as that door opens you're through it like a shot and don't look back! A wonderful poem about forsaking the ordinary and boring. Very well done.

  16. Love the sneaky knock at the end, the safe path is often strewn with greater dangers. Along that path are the things that make us small, frightened, and unhappy. We are better people when we move in the direction of what we want in the world. β€œWhy should we use all our creative power? Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate, so indifferent to fighting and the accumulation of objects and money.” – Brenda Ueland

  17. Hey Natasha…really enjoyed your poem, the tension between the call of being true to yourself and your own 'voice', within the context of those that 'say' stay quiet, be less, fit in, do what is normal, be happy being a little cog, 'we are'…of course they are not either…lovely quiet and assured defiance at the end…don't need to make a big song and dance about, just do what you need to do…

  18. In every culturea conspiracy of consensusbrick wallschanneling the restless herdtoward the narrow chuteand the slaughterers defthandwho can resist this riverthe push, the volume, the floweveryone smiling and gruntingas they head towardan inescapable destinydon't walk thru that doorif you value your lifedon't walk thru that doorOneLove–Tiger Windwalker

  19. I'm tempted to say kick the door down or build your own damn door, but in keeping with the tone of your poem it can be very difficult to do the thing everyone around you warns against or disapproves of. The sneaky knock at the end is a nice touch.

  20. This is wonderful, Natasha. I love how it ends on a mischievous note. It also leaves us wondering what happened next. Your poetry, of course, supplies at least part of the answer. :-)David

  21. Why can`t I just be happywhere I am with what I havewith who I am…This part really touched me. I felt sadness all throughout. And at the end, it is gloomy. Great read! πŸ™‚

  22. Tash~ I feel as though you spoke for me. The balancing act of pleasing them and pretending(?) for yourself too.I love the ending – the last stanza perfectly ending with it's meaning.Don't wait to knock. Turn the knob, walk in with dignity and hope.They might come to peek through a window… If you let them.

  23. This one really spoke to me… the voices of childhood stearing me away from writing as a life direction, yet still peaking in the windows now and then. Until now… knocking when they turn the other way. Beautiful write!

  24. Great write, as usual. It's always such a struggle to just be ourselves and damn what others say/do to try and stop us. I love "Each one stood with fingers / pointing down the same road / the safe route" and of course the ending lines.

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