Halifax 1995 ~Poetics~dVersePoets

Halifax 1995
On a hazy August evening
cruising across the harbour
on the bridge to the sky.
Lights dance in the distance.
The smell of salt water and car exhaust
And the deep fryers scent
fries long gone cold.
The sound of the Hip
echoes against the pavement
The paddy wagon cruises slowly by
Not tonight boys, I yell
and grind my cigarette deep into
the cracks of concrete unsettled
and we dance down another street
cobbled and crooked.
Coffee at the wave on the waterfront,
strong enough to blister through
the surreal buzz of the netherworld
while I catch up on summer romances
written against the crest, lipstick and spray paint.
Seems ol’ Frances didn’t love him as much
As he thought, broken hearted
we dance back up to the Deuce
where music touches your soul
and skinheads touch other things
in dark pool rooms
where the punks only tolerate them
So long, so long ago
When the city was exciting
And nothing to be feared
August 1995
Would laugh at me now
Much the same, as I laugh at me then.
It’s Saturday! And that means it’s time for Poetics at dVersePoets.  Honestly, when Claudia gave the call to go urban…my mind blanked. Add to that a busy afternoon…and all I had to rely on was some tattered old memories, from what seems like so long ago.  Halifax has a ton more to offer by way of history and culture…but those Friday Nights…late summer….those were the best!

So the tune came later than ’95….but I thought it fitting! And we are poets…so we’ll have no trouble picturing this taking place at the now no more Misty Moon, on Barrington Street. 🙂


28 thoughts on “Halifax 1995 ~Poetics~dVersePoets

  1. Tash, thanks for that trip. Been to a bunch of cities in Canada before, never though made it out that way, but always wanted to. You gave us a really neat little time capture of the moment of the city as well as personal experience to highlight the piece. Great job

  2. Great poem Natasha – brings back many memories of similar Friday and Saturday nights – and I'm sure I've stood, swaying, in a similar Misty Moon, listening to a similar band. In fact, thinking now, I was in St Johns Newfoundland late 94 or early 95 🙂

  3. There are not many who Kiss the cod and live to tell the tell…George St is a city all it's own! Thanks Steven! And Fred…I couldn't post the Hip without thinking of you! 🙂

  4. Okay so if this is what you can do on a busy Saturday afternoon, you must do wonders when you're not so busy.Really this was a good read.Thanks for visiting my blog.Myrna(mydailyspirit.net)

  5. nice you took us on a nice little party…love the catch up on romance in the graffiti, ha nice touch…and you touch on many layers here…the humor at the paddy wagon as you dance…you dance well tash…

  6. Doesn't seem that exciting nowBut yes when drunk as a skunk it was some howNow it's just one big painCausing one to pop a veinGreat walk through the cityFor your dVerse diddy

  7. Hey TashI can certainly identify with so much in this piece being a fellow brit of a certain age.I loved your humour and some poigniant and pitch perfect observations fill this fine piece of poetry,PLAUDITSArron

  8. Some great images in this Tash. I miss even the nineties–there's just no life like the old life left around for me. Things are so bleak for those who were that age now that you were then, and I was quite a bit earlier, listening to all that was stardust and golden, and yes, partying because life was good. Enjoyed this–quite the antidote for my grim city memoir. Really especially liked:Coffee at the wave on the waterfront,strong enough to blister throughthe surreal buzz of the netherworldwhile I catch up on summer romanceswritten against the crest, lipstick and spray paint.The vid was a rush, too. Thanks for posting.

  9. Natasha,The nostalgic ride through to 1995 rekindled feelings which many can relate to. Going thru' your VHS collection did you say? Good,we can look forward to some wonderful footage then. Thanks for your visit.Hank

  10. Coffee at the wave on the waterfront,strong enough to blister through the surreal buzz of the netherworldFantastic images in your trip down memory lane. The voice so clear – I've only been to the opposite coast, Vancouver. Loved it there but imagine its immeasurably different like our coastal cities here in the US.

  11. Might have to wander over that way. Sounds like a kool city, or one that was. Maybe a lil older its a lil tamer. Or so some things seem to me. I enjoyed your poem. Very well written again.

  12. ah love this tash…the skinheads, punks and summer romanceswritten against the crest, lipstick and spray paint….soooo nice..i loved your tattered old memories…smiles

  13. think for me I would have to travel further back in years perhaps another 10 before my family were born …when we could lose ourselves to the atmosphere of the Town and vibe of the music,now my offspring are experiencing their vibe in the city ….thanks for trip down memory lane

  14. I loved this! We do have a beautiful city here…weather we're drunk or sober. Sometimes the best places in the world are right under our own feet! Thanks Natasha!Mindy

  15. Insightful retrospective and great trip down memory lane. Love and miss Halifax from any era. And the Hip clip is perfect. I'm going to have find more on YouTube now. Haven't listened to them in awhile.

  16. Ah return trip to Halifax. That deep harbor, we had so much fun at the museum after we took the ferry. Cool stuff there and the story of the great fire which was written so vividly that I expected to walk out and see burnt ruins instead of the thriving businesses on the quays. We stayed at a delightful B&B in Dartmouth and were there a week I think on the first trip. We day tripped out. It was later than this era you write and I saw neither skin heads nor punks but we hung for a while at at the internet cafe sending emails home as it was long before "wi-fi portable devices". Enjoyed a look again at the city in a country I fell in love with.

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