Humility ~ dVersePoets ~ Poetics


In the round, forced to knees
Foot of my nemesis
an injury worse than my fate.

Shamed before them,
those who have lust
to bear witness to my demise

With gold enough
to jest of my fate
long into the evening.

Over wine from the ripest vineyards
bread from the richest harvest,
with conscious clear and pure.

The ghost of civilized men
cast now in stone,
a testament to those who fell before

And now it is he who is honored.
He who dances with dagger,
cowers with shield

My own devil lies broken before me
mouth to dirt
I will not beg of their mercy

Like the ghosts of the fallen
My fate settles within my heart
Under moonlit, indigo sky.

Gladiatori nell’arena’
Giorgio de Chirico

It’s time for Poetic at dVersePoets Pub, and this week’s host, Mark Kerstetter has provided us the brilliant art work of Giorgio de Chirico as muse, along with a fascinating look into the artist himself.  Join us for a ton of fantastic poetry, conversation and more! No better way to spend a Saturday!


32 thoughts on “Humility ~ dVersePoets ~ Poetics

  1. gorgeous piece tash…the ghost of civilized man now cast in stone…great line and mademe think of our present society…i dont know that humility ishighly valued beyond that which is theatrical…this also brought to mind the growing chasm between the haves and have nots…and i will not beg either. great job poet!

  2. Very interesting take on the photo you chooseHumility can be determined from the poseGreat turn about tooThe mighty has fallen thanks to the words of tashtoohaha couldn't resist that oneOK it's now a face it facts that I'm done..haha

  3. i hate to be repetitive but i also think the ghost of civilized man line is outstanding tashi…i have first read the poem before i saw the pic at the end – and it can easily stand on its own feet with such a great message – well done!

  4. I like how you gave us the whole story in broad sweeps of emotion, in particular interpreting that peculiar statue-like figure – begging the question of the value of our heroic marbles and busts in the light of our brutality.

  5. History weighs and the unknown awaits…well captured by you in this elegant and striking piece. Your language throughout is first rate, and your exploration of emotions in a historical setting make this an important piece indeed. Very well done, Natasha. Gay

  6. I love being able to comment on blogs once more first of all let me give you a big hug and tell you I've missed ya girl! This week is the first week I can really relax and participate! Writing wise, wow Tash I haven't read anything of yours for a month and I must say I'm astounded by how many steps you take or make in progress every time I read a new piece of yours it always warrants a second, third even fourth read! Indigo skies, that's just beautiful and not a word is wasted here. Girl dang you did this surrealist justice!

  7. It was an experience…reading the poem before seeing the visual. And how well you interpreted it! A bit eerie, haunting (I guess the ghost makes that obvious, heh?)

  8. wow..I can't really add much more, other than to say you've done a fantastic job…The poem is as evocative & moving as the painting…I enjoyed it very much!

  9. Hi TashYou have embraced the subject so well and managed to internalise it – recycle – and reassemble with a unique take and fascinating translation – radical.Love what you have done here.Great linesTom

  10. A very powerful and layered piece, despite being consciously staged in structure and symbol to match the painting, and able, as has been said to stand just fine without it. I really liked how you set this up from the very first stanzas–I *am* that defeated gladiator, humbled, bitter, and abandoned, yet too proud to beg for mercy from those who will never give it. Like brian this also made me think of the out of sync way things are today. Loved it, Tash.

  11. Wow, this is beautiful and it almost echoed in my mind in soft whispers, yet the resolve was strong. I could picture the scene in my mind with the words being softly spoken over it. Well done!

  12. The ghost of civilized mencast now in stone,a testament to those who fell beforeAnd now it is he who is honored.He who dances with dagger,cowers with shieldBeautiful and moving, I love it.

  13. My fate settles within my heartUnder moonlit, indigo sky.A beautiful and haunting image of humble resignation under the heel of oppression. You have wonderfully depicted how humility obtains the true victor's laurel.David

  14. Wow Tash ~ so much to this epic of a poem ~ excellently expunging remnants of courage clear and true ~ concealing narratives layered ~ now cast in stone ~ bites the dirt before their feet ~ with humility ~ reveals more with every read ~ Stunning ~ and outstandingly weaved ~ Lib xx Bravo!! *applause*

  15. I like your interpretation. Its amazing what these paintings mean to us, striking us in different ways. Another amazing share at D'Verse. See you~

  16. This is beautifully done. "With gold enoughto jest of my fatelong into the evening.Over wine from the ripest vineyardsbread from the richest harvest,with conscious clear and pure."Magnificent writing.

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