The Screaming ~ OpenLinkNight Week 3 ~ dVersePoets

Here in my little country bubble, I am surrounded with people who simply do not understand my desire to write.  Whether they get read or not, I write because I have to. I have journals and notebooks from the age of ten to prove it.  When I don’t write…I shrivel up and start to doubt not just me but the world in general. When I do write, I work it out, I settle the great debates, and I choose to keep going.  When I don’t write, even the people who don’t understand my compulsion notice…I get messed up, my thoughts aren’t clear.  They don’t know I’m not writing, but they notice.  So, it is with a huge thank you to you readers who DO understand, who share my compulsion, that I offer up this piece, for better or for worse.  And it is an even bigger thank you I offer to OpenLinkNight and dVersePoets for bringing us driven souls together. Write on Poets…we need you now more than ever!

The Screaming
Darkness invites me, the mystery,
I think I’ve no need to hide, to cower.
What I cannot see cannot hurt me
or so I have foolishly been lead to believe.
Ingesting the black, swallowing air
stagnant now
it thickens, the darkness swells
taking over…who I thought was me
The eternal mystery
Salvation waits not
at my door
Universes rise at my command
Visions within the black
As suddenly the eye I have never owned
Opens to potentiality
Nightmares race as kingdoms topple
A history of anarchy
As our true gods remain forgotten
For the sake of selfish endeavors
And tumultuous fortunes
Demons appear
And my conditioning forces me to run
Not realizing, I race away
From the self I had forgotten
Because that was what I was told to do
Stabbing quills puncture skin
Fueling ancient, wicket pen
My demon
And like the hero that never was
I rise to face it
Feather tipped, bloody whip
My fist clenches
Death grip
And I allow his embrace
Feeding the need
Driving the passion
Cold yet burning
And suddenly empowered
I can finally hear them
And in constant silence
I laugh out loud
And like the greatest symphony
I overpower
the screaming
and let my demon sing.
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41 thoughts on “The Screaming ~ OpenLinkNight Week 3 ~ dVersePoets

  1. "Like the hero that never was"Great line thereYou go and let them have it even if you have to swearYeah I get some funny looks tooEspecailly with the rhyming stuff I do..lolBut I don't care and just go at itHaving my fitNever did it until recently thoughGuess my muse took a while to showSo let the demon singAnd that's simply the lets Face it Facts of the thing..hahaOh and first tooBeen a while since I was first here with you..haha

  2. Awesome write! It's like you are haunted by your own words, or rather the thought of not being able to free them. Beautiful closing lines – I like the imagery of a singing demon!

  3. boom….haha. you go some wicked flow and rhyme going on today tash…feather tipped whip eh? oh i know the conpulsion to write and when unable how it can jack you up…i got that…unleash that demon….

  4. And if you don't stab that demon and make her sing then you become the demon? The situation you describe is like one of those nightmares that has no form or sense, it's just a swirling churning magma of the soul. Poetry gives form to the mess.

  5. Know so what you mean, Tash. Writing has sometimes been the only thing I had to hang onto, and always the medium I've used to try to figure it all out. The last two stanzas in this are triumphant and strong, fitting conclusion to a well-written excursion into the soul.

  6. Masses of intense energy tonight Tash.. all leading to this victorious finale:And like the greatest symphonyI overpowerthe screamingand let my demon sing.Strong, strong chords..

  7. I have long suppressed my writing for years and years; it is only now that I am writing so it is very cathartic for me to write now. Thanks for sharing this wonderful prose..i can hear you leading the march… indeed let us write ~

  8. Woah… Natasha….my anti hero killer queen…doin it on the wicked side…smilesa ferocious wrie Nat. Raging and Engaging.Keep hold of those note books… I lost 20 years worth of writing once in unusual circumstances.. i miss that stuff.Its great to be able to look back.

  9. what you say about writing…yes – i agree and i so know what you mean tashi – it's like fighting demons sometimes – i so get this. just last night i couldn't sleep, was so restless and thousand things running through my mind…and then i started to write, bled it out, summed it up…and slept like a child afterwards

  10. ..we all need to go such harsh in life at times, i believe… the ability to write is always given but the ability to write something that matters and affects is a rare chance… for one so bashful and unsocial like me, i badly need writing into my life to express those words i kept and killed for the sake of not being misunderstood when i let 'em all pass by… writing is my refuge and my savior from the suffocating aura of the social world… and yeah..let our demons sing and our misery laughs.. You're a sensitive soul! So precious and rare!~Kelvin

  11. Great write Tash. Love the piece especially this:Demons appearAnd my conditioning forces me to runNot realizing, I race awayFrom the self I had forgottenBecause that was what I was told to doStabbing quills puncture skinFueling ancient, wicket penMy demonLovely the way you phrased that and the flow that came from it, awesome, through and through

  12. I love this, and would agree that the need to write is empowering…but seems my 'demon' has deserted me of late. I'm puzzled as to why, maybe he's gone off to haunt other's for a while..but I'm missing him.. 😉

  13. Oh Natasha…this week we both write on demons!!This is a powerful storm of poetry…passion, imagery, all mixed together that rises far into the air.Haunting!Brava!Lady Nyo

  14. Yes in deed Tasha.. write whenever wherever on whatever for to compress those thoughts and emotions makes Jill a confused girl..I like the strength of this piece.. very well done..now go WRITE!!!!

  15. Do you play a fiddle when your demons sing? In Nova Scotia, I've noticed, it seems to be quite the thing! My guess is the black air is coming from that refinery over in Dartmouth. Thanks for this one! Charles Elliott

  16. Yep, universes rise at your command and they fall just as quickly. You'll note I didn't say as easily. We all know how hard it is to expose our thoughts and feelings, how difficult it can be just to squeeze them out of their rocky holds.This is why you're such an inspiration to us, Tasha. Talent, heart, grace, and the courage to express yourself fully are all presented in this piece. Keep all those quills close at hand. They help the notebooks fly.

  17. no better line ever written than ~"and let my demon sing."powerful imagery and the last two stanza's really reached out and grabbed me. are there any creative people without demons?Love this!dani ♥

  18. write those demons out. I feel the same way. I ask myself every so often why most of my poetry is about painful topics, gruesome, depressing at times and then I realize if they aren't on paper then they're still in me which is when the craziness starts – and people notice! lol – just like you said. this is an awesome poem, very powerful and moving.

  19. Natasha, what a passionate and riveting invocation of the Muse — and even more, a celebration of the freedom that not even the Muse can take from you.These lines depicting the poet's enthrallment are stunning …As suddenly the eye I have never ownedOpens to potentiality… all the more because of the victory that you later claim:And suddenly empoweredI can finally hear themAnd in constant silenceI laugh out loudAnd like the greatest symphonyI overpowerthe screamingand let my demon sing.Great stuff. Your work is inspiring!David

  20. Natasha, You must be encouraged and gratified by all these perceptive and complimentary comments. Even though we all write alone and deal with our own demons its heartening when our talent and efforts are truly appreciated.All the comments here are richly deserved and thoroughly earned by this rich and passionate poem.

  21. There's real acceleration in this piece Natasha, from the shadows to your almost revelatory ending. My fave linesStabbing quills puncture skinand Feather tipped, bloody whipWonderfully nasty imagery here.

  22. Well, you do have demons…but you let them out for all of us to see in this lucious, dark, velvet write. What a beauty! Thanks for sharing.

  23. We will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it…for now we can WRITE!The most infinitesimal piece of my life is part of a brick of those which this building is constructed. Let the demons come forth–they now can only allow me to help another, who suffers the same demons.I might be way off here, but this is the context in which I read your well written piece, Natasha. What do I hear? Is it singing? it is those demons of which Natasha has written–grin!!!!PEACE!

  24. Stabbing quills puncture skinFueling ancient, wicket penWicked rhyme here….just love it and the whole write….one of my fav's….thank you much for sharing your muse…bkm

  25. it's easy to run from the demons…but there is no greater feeling than facing them head on and showing the what your truly made of. quite an intense (and liberating) piece.

  26. I definitely get this. I put writing away for awhile, and it nearly drove me crazy. I thought is was a selfish indulgence, so I tried to "grow up" and quit. I no longer believe that at all. It is a part of me. Always will be. Great write 🙂

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