This is the first time in approximately six years I have been treated to a two week long SUMMER vacation.  When I checked dVerse, and saw Sheila had thrown up water as a prompt for us this week, how could I not stop a moment to share with you one of my most beloved places to visit.  Welcome to Pocologan, 45minutes from Main, and 20minutes from St.Andrews By the Sea.  This beautiful spot has inspired me greatly and today I offer up to you my view and one of the many poems written while sitting on the deck or dragging my bare toes through the sand.  I invite you to visit with me, if only for a moment, and share some of the fonder memories inspired by this beautiful village on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.

Remembering Pocologan
Natasha Head Photo July 30th, 2011
Remember when we first visited?
No babies, no bills,
just the promise of a new tomorrow,
of a future edged in gold
Remember drinks with the Captain
and the cold wet sand?
When you wouldn’t take no for an answer
and I only spoke the word to tease?
Strawberry wine in the summer time,
Now kool-aid and credit cards
budgets and limits
but still the view remains.
Remember when you would sing to me
even though you couldn’t?
Fulfilling my rock star ambitions
with AC/DC and air guitar?
Remember swimming under deep full moons
even though we shouldn’t?
When we thought no one was watching
but we were oh so wrong!
Held close are all these memories
and dreams will always change.
And together we’ll keep dreaming
while we remember Pocologan.
It’s Saturday and that means it’s Poetics over at dVersePoets.  Sheila has issued the challenge, and we are waiting for you to heed the call!
(and for those of you who I tweet with…by george, the fog has lifted!)

20 thoughts on “Pocologan~dVersePoets~Poetics

  1. you know i am jealous of the two weeks…smiles…your verse is lovely, the memories…the hollow for me comes in that they are memories…i hope that they are present tense as well…and still coming…

  2. That's a beautiful lovesong, Tash. Thanks so much for all your support yesterday on Form and for writing and linking. I'm afraid I didn't give your poem a proper critique. I kept getting interrupted and losing my train of thought. Please forgive me. I loved this and every time you take me to one of your special places.Gay

  3. Great picture and your poetry took us down a nice memory lane of love…Time changes but the view remains, hopefully so does your love and spirit ~Have a great time ~

  4. The inspiration of memory – you really communicated the look back.How weird it all is…how everything and evryone is in this permenant state of flux..but poetry freezes it all and anchors our minds to times gone by.Thats the Power of P…and your P has that power….

  5. Very, very personal (in a good way, of course)… So much implied. Almost felt like I was intruding. 🙂 It must be nice to be able to relive any of it, even under today's circumstances.

  6. That's a beautiful tribute to a place and a connection that changes, but not so much as to not remain beloved…on the contrary, probably more so.The details were so real to me…the strawberry wine, the saying no just to tease, the swim beneath the moon. Natasha, you've just got it when you sit down to write.

  7. Glad you took the time from your vacation to give us all one.That was as real as virtual experience gets, right down to the air guitar. Memories are what make life living, sometimes, and this time is one of that kind.

  8. AH! Memories and Dreams, the stuff which makes me realize that my life was NOT just a big hole of wasted time.I could sit on that deck overlooking the Bay of Fundy for a long time, pondering the "meaning of life"–grin! Thanks!

  9. It's always heartwarming to think back on memories with the one you love. Sounds as if you two are a match when you can trade strawberry wine for Kool-Aid and not skip a beat. Very sweet 🙂

  10. Natasha, thank you for sharing these cherished memories with us.… and the cold wet sand?When you wouldn't take no for an answerand I only spoke the word to tease?Something about "the cold wet sand" and the seductive game of "no" — it conveys intimacy in a subtle yet tactile way. Nice image and a wonderful poem!David

  11. Natasha, so endearing. all the "remember whens" sound so romantic and exciting as young "kid-free" love should be. damn, I miss those days too! kool-aide and credits cards…lol, that one made me smile. I can so relate. really miss those strawberry wine days sometimes. have a wonderful trip as I know you will. beautiful photo as well. Jealous of how lush the grass looks as the landscape around here is turning brown under the scorching sun and dry skies 😦

  12. How lovely I'm so envious …I live on an island and am as far away from the sea as you can get in the uk hope you have a great time holidays with kids are just as special too but different !

  13. I love this poem with its sweet memories of young love…I was right there with you both in the moonlight, on the beach…now I am the voyeur! Lovely write! :))

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