The Devil Inside ~dVersePoets~OpenLinkNight #2

The Devil Inside
Who are you to call me sinner?
Cast me out and watch me burn,
because your own mind has tempted you?
Are you foolish enough to think
I have lived my own life
with the destruction of your moral fiber
my only goal?
You have convinced yourself,
through these chains of irrational thought
and shocking glimpses of complete insanity,
that you will save this poor lost soul
who knows not of the devil that has possessed
her fragile being.
Have you forgotten,
I know you not?
This soul is mine alone to save!
Your “god”, your “good book”,
will not be sold to me
by a preacher bathed in snake oil,
wrapped in sheep’s clothing,
adorned like the false idols
you speak so feverishly against.
You demand me take to my knees!
In worship, in prayer, in the name of “God!”
But it is your own name,
you desire to hear whispered
in gasping breaths
amongst your purifying flames.
This guilt you speak of
is not my burden,
for it is your heart that weighs heavy.
Know now,
the devil is alive inside
and he wants you…not me.

It’s week 2 at OpenLinkNight over at the dVersePoets Pub! Join us, and shout your poetry to the world! And hey…I’m hosting the party tonight! What better reason to join in 🙂  First rounds, on me!


44 thoughts on “The Devil Inside ~dVersePoets~OpenLinkNight #2

  1. whew…ok you got the fire…smiles. throw them in the water if they sink they are not a witch…love the logic in that eh? scary times when religeon rules from a vantage point of fear…well penned hostess…cant wait for OLN!

  2. Really good write Tash, you definitely drew a new shade to the darkness here, igniting with hellfire. Love the transitioning, use of metaphor.

  3. "But it is your own name,you desire to hear whispered"is a pair of lines that struck home for me, Tash. Ever wonder who made who in whose image first? God made man or man made God? The "different" ones always have to be proofed in the fires of the Faithful of their time. This piece works for any time. Well done!Now, pour me a mug of scripture from the Cult of Tashtoo, sweetie. Tall and cold, please. – J

  4. I always was baffled at how stupid or twisted some people could/can be. Throw them in and they sink, not a witch, yet dead. They rise a witch, we kill them, dead. Yeah just stupid.Wonderfully said though and that's the face it facts don't you know!

  5. It's so sad to me the horrible acts that have been done in the name of religion and God. There are definitely plenty of snake oil salesmen roaming around. I've met a few in my days, and the often have too many followers.

  6. I happen to be a firm believer in the "Christian version" of God. Having said that, I've never believed that I have the right to badger, judge, or "force" my beliefs on others… and neither does anyone else. If I wasn't a Christian, and someone tried to shove his beliefs down my throat, it would turn me off to the subject completely. Whatever your beliefs — or "disbeliefs," shall we say — you have a right to them, as I do to mine. The anger expressed in this poem is totally justified, IMHO.

  7. oh, wow, girl – loving the strong voice in your writing lately…it gets me all "fired" up. Your message here reminds me of how people judge others for things that they usually don't like about themselves (or in order to feel better about themselves.) nice work.

  8. wow.. you have a very strong disposition here… a battling thoughts that fill many a-space in here.. great write. thanks for the chance of reaching your words in here!!!(:~Kelvin S. M.

  9. Gosh…you got me on this one! Religion certainly has a lot to answer for…but God is NOT religion, He is love. So there! 😛 Loved your poem & the intense emotions you brought to it! Great write, Tash..:)

  10. Just read Anthony's Devil's Food and you add another layer with the true nature of the Devil's workshop…wanting to here his own name called out….in the name of in the place of a loving God….thank you…bkm

  11. Natasha, this is my first time on your blog, and I literal did a cerebral fist pump to this! We will have an excellent blogging relationship, I'm sure. Thanks for the post, it was a great read.-Pounds

  12. Freedom of religion should still mean being free from it too. When any one crosses the line they encroach on my religion. No one has that right, to go beyond where I want them to go is ABUSE. Thank you for that topic and for the craft of it as well. Well done!

  13. Be one of the tribe or be cast out–think the same, talk the same, and live your life in chains to a concept that wants everything and gives nothing! But I'm not bitter, OOoooohh NOOoooo. Great one, Natasha. your hostessing is superlative, also. You're going to be a tough act to follow. ;_)

  14. Powerful poem, Natasha. I'm sure that it is not intended as an indictment of all religion or all religious people. In any case, not everyone who professes Jesus Christ as the Savior of mankind is intent on burning non-believers at the stake. God bless you, and keep the fire inside burning. :-)David

  15. I don't believe in devil but I say nice piece for all who believe in such ideologies as if rationally impaired, following superstitious charms as if blind folded by fear of who knows what!

  16. Well said! "You are Being; A vibrational, energy source of pure, brilliant light, endless knowledge and immeasurable love…Love our enduring connection to all that is sacred…" ♥ ஆ ~.^

  17. Alivealwayz,You are of course entitled to your opinions about people of faith and their alleged rational impairments. But what did you think of the POEM itself? I think that the poem evokes fire that consumes a heart afflicted by injustice, as it literally and figuratively burns at the stake. Those of us who profess to love Jesus — and to love other people as Jesus loves them — must take to heart the cry of God's little ones, who are trampled down in various ways by hypocrites and Pharisees.David

  18. I loved this poem! It's fire, it's independent spirit, it's warning not to judge, and the castigationn of religious fanatics. On point! Wonderful!

  19. Tom EliotBurn baby burn.If god exists he couldnt as a cosmos creating super being give a beep about some of the stuff so called religous people moan on about whilst they whip themselves in the dark with their hurdish slave mentalities.The G man will be giving out points for spirit…You'll be good judging by this wicked write.

  20. If god exists he couldnt as a cosmos creating super being give a beep about some of the stuff so called religous people moan on about whilst they whip themselves in the dark with their hurdish slave mentalities.Yeah, we really suck.http://anointedruins.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/monster/Sorry, Natasha. This combox should be about the quality of your poem (which I truly admire, as one poet and one human being to another). But it's turned into something else.David

  21. Thank you all for the amazing comments, and most times I try to refrain from commenting back in this manner, but, I do want you all to know, while I believe in God…I take issues when man chooses to determine who and who not will be saved, and I take tremendous issue with one who is in a position of power within a church body, who uses the fear of god to commit atrocities and injustices against fellow humans, no matter their faith, in God's Name. I sincerely believe we were put on this planet to live together in harmony, to help our fellow man thrive and prosper…to make the most of this gift of life we have been blessed with. Organized religion has used us way to long as pawns in politically fired agendas that have nothing to do with God's will. There is a personal story as well, but not one that will be shared here. And while I do love blog comments, if they lead to open dialogue and communication, based on mutual respect for the humans at the other end of the ether…than even better.

  22. I agree with The Silver Fox. I take no personal offense at some of the comments posted here. Well, that would be a lie. I'm human. Of course I take some of it personally. But I TRY not to take it personally, because, after all, it's not directed at me PERSONALLY. Ah, the foibles of a thin-skinned Pharisee. In the final analysis, it's all good. Or as Georges Bernanos wrote: "All is grace".David

  23. Natasha, I agree with you. Well said, and God bless. Religious people (some of us, ok, me) have good reason to lacerate their flesh in the dark. We really do suck sometimes. The truth is that I'm slowly learning not to project my own dark guilt onto other people.David

  24. Strange how our certainty causes us such problems-in all aspects of life. I wonder why I've never heard the word as an alias for him/her? But maybe a sound alike, a near-rhyme, certain/satan … Powerful poem.

  25. OMG! I see now why you have comments numbering in the forties. Do ya know? I have MET Peeps who fit right in to the insanity you describe so well. Seems to me you have either "been there" or you are–are probably are, anyway–a keen observer of humans.And I found out from your old blog, observer of nature, castles, etc., etc.So many mother-lodes of gold on these blogs, and you ARE a shiny strain of those. Thank you!Steve EPEACE!

  26. There's a great deal of fire and brimstone around this week and this is no exception Natasha. I love that it's written in the style of a preacher breathing fire from the pulpit.by a preacher bathed in snake oil – now that baby'd burn!Carys

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