It Ain’t About the Slippers ~ dVersePoets Poetics

Well, Brian Miller got me reliving my past with his prompt over at dVersePoets today.  I could have gone any direction with the fantastic muse of U2 coupled with the most amazing art piece, but once the clues started dropping, and the rumors started spreading, a plan took shape.  Gotta stick to the plan, you know!

So, Mom…this ones for you!  I know you may be breathing a slight sigh of relief as I have stopped battling adulthood so very fiercely, but it wasn’t that long ago, when the hell you were going through was because of me 🙂 And you have to give me props…I was very good at raising it! Those were the days!  So, keeping everything fun and lighthearted, away we go…

It Ain’t About the Slippers
It ain’t about the slippers
Ruby red or not
It ain’t about the haircut
No matter bald or coiffed
It ain’t about the price tag
A thrift store or boutique
All that matters is that they
Make the most of your true feet.
Standing decked in leather
With just half a head of hair
I had no time for slippers
or Michael Jordan’s Air
My prince was standing waiting
But no glass slipper did he hold
Just a tattoo gun and trucker hat
…my prince was rather bold.
It ain’t about the slippers, Mom
Ruby red or not
I was dancing in road~off Doc’s
And still my prince got caught.
Not quite sure if Mom would see the humour…but I hope you do!I’d still wear ’em today if I had them!  And thanks for going Poetic with us at d’VersePoets!

31 thoughts on “It Ain’t About the Slippers ~ dVersePoets Poetics

  1. Your poem there's got sole and plenty of it and those laces tied 'em up fine. Bring us more boots! It's all about the shoes (smiles)Sending you good thoughts today.

  2. Mothers are perpetually surprised by their offspring, especially when they grow up and have some insight into what made them crazy. Still, being true to oneself is as much a sign of maturity as of rebellion, and hair grows back–the tatoos, maybe not so much. 😉 Loved the light hearted romp through bootland.

  3. haha this was such a fun one.You sound like you were quite the hand full and then some..hahaSo has it come back to haunt youAre you getting the whole "I hope you have a daughter just like you one day" vibe yet?..LOL

  4. I wonder if the pictures in my head match what you looked like…This was nice, and it's a reminder to us all about what truly matters, and it's on the inside. I remember dressing differently at college than when I came home for visits, wasn't really brave enough to merge the two. You must have at least been secure in your mother's love 🙂

  5. Hey, that's a good shoe. But it's not what you wear, it's the way you wear it. If you can own a pair of shoes like that (wear them without them wearing you) then you're doing good.

  6. Ah the true work of art and ultimate anti establishment statement the DM boot. My retired cherry reds have pride of place in the wardrobe and serve as a reminder of how much i hated school, parents and the system.I wear Converse now for comfort but still hate schoool parents an….. lol.Really enjoyed your poem- funny, cheeky with a bit of bite. It got me thinking as you can tell! Could really feel personality comimg through your words.

  7. I can hear a daughter's love for her mom in this poem, all the more to be cherished after the skirmishes of young adulthood. I hope that she appreciates the humor!David

  8. You got it 光 Natasha 光!"It ain't about the slippers…"…and it ain't about a lot of other things either!…enjoyed this, as I enjoy all of your writing! Let it flow…following along the pathless path!Roger ☺

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