Out of the Ashes

Poets, readers, appreciators…we are here, because of community! We are here because we have crossed oceans and borders to share our words. Wasn’t it fantastic when you discovered you were not alone in your word addiction? Wasn’t it awesome to know that there are others out there, with bleeding pens, compelled to share their stories?  We are those people!  For some of us, we are also here to say goodbye, and for all, we are here to say hello.
My addiction came as the result of discovering Onestop Poetry.  Here I was introduced to fantastic poets, artists, appreciators! Thank you so much, Brian, Leslie, Adam, Pete, Claudia,Chris and the people you brought together with your efforts.  I will always credit you with helping me find the confidence to let my pen go.  It’s a 21 gun salute from me, and I’m sure every other poet who ever bled on your pages! But…when one doors closes, we can’t turn our eyes from the one standing open in welcome.
This is dVersePoets…Brian and Claudia have worked their butts off to get us ready for this most exciting evening.  This evening where that sense of community continues, and grows with the power of poetry.  I am honored to be helping them with this endeavor, as they have both helped me so much in my own writing, through support, direction and more.  We want to do the same for you!  Common sense dictates there is safety in numbers.  We are those numbers!  The world has never been more desperate for our words.  Our hearts have never been more compelled to share, to honor our stories, our histories.  Our eyes have never been more worried as we turn them to the future…we share hope, dreams, fears and failures, but together…we can celebrate, or overcome.
I want to personally welcome you to dVersePoets.  I want to know you, share with you, write with you, and maybe even…change the world with you.  The door is open, no invitation needed. Let’s continue this poetic journey…together. Power to the Poets!

Out of the Ashes
We are hearts that bleed in unison
We are secrets shared in shadows
We are the unheard voices
To sing for once
Where once the ashes floated by
A legacy to be shared
But still a loose flame danced
To the sound of voices raised
In harmony and vision
And the life of the voices
Breathed life for the flame
And out of the ashes
Community has risen
We will  not go gentle
Into archived pages
We will grow, we will share
We will help, we will care
We will write and we will ralley
We are the ashes
We are the flames
We are the poetry
We are the names.
The world has lived far too long
Without our song.
And tonight,
we start to sing.
Thank you everyone…for all the good that was, and all the good that is to come!

42 thoughts on “Out of the Ashes

  1. The Phoenix will rise and rise again! Beautiful!!I Love this so well written. I began reading louder and louder with each line! By the time I was at the end I was giving you a standing ovation!!

  2. Over the years I have often heard people (would-be writers, some of them) say, "Who am I to add more words to the heap, express an opinion, add one more poem to a world full of poems, many of them so good they make mine look like a joke?" My answer is: there will never be another you. If you don't speak your words, no one will. And if you don't form your own speech, you run the risk of allowing others to speak for you. "Poetry should be made by all"-Lautreamont

  3. a beautiful tribute…a wonderful welcome…"We will not go gentle / Into archived pages" made me smile"We will grow, we will share / We will help, we will care /We will write and we will ralley / We are the ashes / We are the flames / We are the poetry / We are the names." Inspirationally said.

  4. Nicely done as you open the doorsLetting words fly across the floorsGlad this has begunShould be funAnd the cat will be aroundEven though no chicken nuggets are found..hahahaha

  5. Yes, I also enjoyed the shout out to Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night. I'm a mushy one so I'll admit a tear came to my eye. Long live the word and the lovers who coax it into art!

  6. You got my heart beating at the high rate my doctor tells me I should work for more often here, girl. A stirring anthem, a call to arms, and arms to extend in welcome as well as a hand to wave goodbye. Like you, One Stop Poetry was the place that I felt at home in with my verse. It will never be replaced, but I'm excited to move into a new house, open all the new doors, decorate the rooms with everyone. I think i got a bit carried away. Loved you poem, Natasha. πŸ˜‰

  7. Truly an anthem for the times. How great to be working with you guys here. It's a new day, a new time, and I'm looking forward to everything that comes our way! Lovely poem of celebration, Natasha.

  8. woohoo – we will and we ARE poetry…awesome tashi – can't tell you how honored i am to work with you – you are doing wonders on twitter and helped making the opening night such a big success…way to go..

  9. A poignant tribute! Truly inspirational. I am in awe as I sit back, participating… and realizing how many of us are rallying, wishing and joining as a community! Looks to be such a fabulous journey for us all. Thank you for your efforts in aiding in the lead. I know I look to your words often as a wonderful aspiration to set my sights on.

  10. I've said it so many times before, but it always bears repeating–your spirit sustains so many of us wandering souls in the poetic ether. Here you have given voice to that heart and soul you so freely give. Some of us need go on blind spelunking expeditions in hope of finding this emotion. Yours wafts from you like fragrance from a rose. Beautiful, Natasha.

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