I Think I Think Too Much ~OneShootSunday Grand Finale

For this final OneShoot Sunday, Adam and Chris have put together a fantastic spot lite on photographer Rosie Hardy . Of all the Oneshoot Sundays I have participated in, I have to admit this is certainly one of the most exciting.  The images are fantastic, and the one I have chosen as my prompt, captured my imagination better than it has been in weeks! Please have a visit with Rosie, her work will amaze you, and stop by Onestop and give the team the fond farewell they deserve!

I Think I Think Too Much
Rosie Hardy Photo    
They say moss grows on the North side
And all you need is a bit of soap and water
To defeat its shallow roots.
I will not be fooled by its petals
This disguise, this charade
This attempt to keep me here
Is wearing thin.
These paths that lead away from me
Roads of shining opportunity
Will not wait forever
And I must act!
Wash away the roots of indecision
Face the fear of failure.
Freedom of choice must not continue
To hold me ransom
The thoughts and opinions of others
Can not lend any weight
I must move
Forward, backward
Any ward
Would be better than this.
And so it is, we say good~bye to One Shoot Sunday.  Adam and Chris…thank you for this and all the wonderful artists you introduced us to in the past.  Thank you for the friendships that have been forged because of your efforts.  Poetry has moved forward because of them, and I hope you and the rest of the Onestop Team move forward as well.  Wishing all of you the very best, and looking forward to hearing of great things coming down the pipeline from each and every one of you!

21 thoughts on “I Think I Think Too Much ~OneShootSunday Grand Finale

  1. And ACT we must. Powerful message.. I love the idea of moving forward or in any way for that matter.Love these lines:Roads of shining opportunityWill not wait foreverAnd I must act!Happy Sunday!

  2. True must act and that is simply a face it fact..lolSitting on your backside watching the moss grow, isn't going to get you anywhere, great write and I can see how the picture would prompt this.

  3. These paths that lead away from meRoads of shining opportunityWill not wait foreverAnd I must act!Wash away the roots of indecisionFace the fear of failure.Very powerful piece, reminders to us all not to become stagnant in our decisions, reminders to take chances and begin anew as are those who brought so much to us all.

  4. I think I definitely think too much! This poem is great for a procrastinator such as myself…inspiring and motivating…anything other the 'any ward' ~ great write Natasha.. 🙂

  5. "Any ward / Would be better than this." That's wordplay with a bite! Inspiring work. But the line that got me most was "face the fear of failure." Big part of being a real person. hugs

  6. The thoughts and opinions of othersCan not lend any weightI must moveForward, backwardAny wardWould be better than this.You aptly capture the claustrophobia and limitations (both self imposed and societally enforced) that keep us from self actualization. Well done!

  7. Darn it Natasha…I just finished a long comment and when I hit the post…it blinked and disappeared! Blah!Suffice it to say I really, really liked your entire blog and sentiments! Especially these lines…"These paths that lead away from meRoads of shining opportunityWill not wait foreverAnd I must act!"And, indeed, opportunity will not wait forever…a dynamic message for people to wake-up. Now is the hour…Cheers, Natasha!Take gentle care,Roger ☺

  8. Ah, this resonates for me too–I liked this one second best and almost chose it, but you did better with it than I would have here–that moss metaphor, and the sense of stupor in the subject's face–then your final ringing lines. I like the idea of freedom of choice being the problem, also–sometimes one wishes so hard for that decision to be forced on one instead. Great stuff.

  9. very positive Tash ~ taking it forward ~ don't sit and ponder but act and move ~ 'Anyward' loved it ~ if we don't move we stagnate ~ so great positive ~ pretty sad though only just found out through your tweet Tash and going on to Adams site ~ Hope we all keep in touch ~ (saw a meeting at a 'pub' ? ) 🙂 ~ hgs Tash ~ Lib

  10. Hi Natasha,Lovely poem , there is a strong message ..in your poem that we should be afraid of failure must forg ahead to reach where we dreamed off and wish for ..like the lines .." These paths that lead away from meRoads of shining opportunityWill not wait foreverAnd I must act!" .P.S : Coming to your space after ages I guess …was busy ..on my work ..but this weekend I made my mind to read the ..blogosphere diaries.:)take care.ks 🙂

  11. i love the whole message of this tashi…but i'm madly in love with the first lines…They say moss grows on the North sideAnd all you need is a bit of soap and water…love this!!and thanks so much for everything you've done these last days..awesome job..

  12. Yup, I have to agree with many of the previous commenters that your closing lines — "Any wardWould be better than this." — stand out the most. Excellent piece, as always.

  13. love, love, love the any ward line. genius! I also struggle with a fear of what others may think. It is much better than it was say 5 years ago. I think is fades as we age…

  14. indecision can be a choice in itself for if we do not move, we stay in the past. i love every line in this and a very vivid, imaginative and too true take this is on the prompt. love it!i'm looking forward to meeting you at dVerse. {smile} dani

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