Beautiful World

When I was younger, my friends and I had a saying…We were just out to make the world beautiful. 🙂  Yes, I will admit, I was a cheese ball even then! But I have learned something….that geeky little metal head, with her big hair and black leather, recorded some awesome things in that little black book with her poems in it…and those awesome things, made me realize, the world was always and is always beautiful.

One of the most beautiful things I have witnessed, is the beauty through the eyes of another.  This poetic journey,where all you wonderful people have shared so much with me and in turn, let me share with you.  Lessons, secrets, hardships, wins, losses….and we have done this through the written word, through bleeding pens and broken hearts.  I consider myself beyond honored to have shared those things with you, and today, I hope to continue that journey together.

Today we are talking about building things, construction, and stuff like hard work and rewards.  The best part of building something with friends, is when you get to take a breather, put your feet up, and regard what you have built.  To Brian and Claudia, who have been busting their butts getting this ready for us, I raise my glass, and hope you enjoy the rest 🙂 Join us for our “trial run” link up today at 3:00 EST and get a feel for the diversity that’s flowing!

Beautiful World
You know that feeling you get,
After one too many glasses of wine
On a late summer evening
When twilight teases the horizon
And fireflies start to glow in the background.
When voices are in harmony 
Though they seem a touch too loud
And the flames of the fire
Somehow dance even faster.
You can hear the hum of the electricity
Riding the overhead cables
You can feel the breeze
Even before it tickles the nape of your neck
Slightly off balance
But never feeling more in tune
As you sway between the worlds
And you feel the pressure, the stress and the worry
Slip beneath the currents of the river 
Overtaken by the sound
Of the laughter of friends
As they raise their glasses
And you raise your own
In the anticipation
Of all the good to come
Here’s to you, you cruel, beautiful world, and to the friends who help me to survive it…Welcome to d’Verse Poets
Pull up a chair, raise your glass, and let’s see how the journey continues!  Power to the Poets!
Remember…the celebration OFFICIALLY begins July 19th with our link up at 3:00 EST
Hope to see your there!

30 thoughts on “Beautiful World

  1. tashi i'm so glad you're on the team…and i'm looking forward to this journey…it's exciting and if you ask me how i feel right now..i'd say…Slightly off balance… but never more in tune….woohooo

  2. Isn't this great. I didn't have to move to NovaScotia – we have a direct line around the gulfstream from your place to mine. Loved this and all you wrote. I'm looking forward to working with you, dear heart! Gay

  3. Ah, this is a nice feeling. Speaking of Pink, this brings to mind Pink's song…"…so raise your glass if you are wrongIn all the right ways,all my underdogsWe will never be never be anything but loudAnd nitty gritty dirty little freaks".Fun Pub song for dVerse : )

  4. I love that feeling! This is an absolute pleasure to read. I read it out loud and the comfort increased with voice, as a toast between the best of friends.

  5. "As they raise their glassesAnd you raise your ownIn the anticipationOf all the good to come."Yes, I feel it, too, and I'm excited about the fun and learning ahead 🙂

  6. 'When twilight teases the horizon' – love that line. I don't think we've met before Natasha, so hi. Look forward to sharing poetic space with you.

  7. Cheese or no…the world is surely beautified with such poetic exultation, and the air of that pub is lit with it tonight. Some gorgeous lines about in this Natasha, and a lovely capture all around.This community's going to be a good bit of fun, I can see that well.

  8. Tash nice sentiments for sure. Glad to know you'll be hanging out in the pub. Really looking forward to all the fun to come. So as we say here, here, clink the glass and ask for more, hope the feeling always lasts:)

  9. "When twilight teases the horizonAnd fireflies start to glow in the background." Gave me such a feeling of summer. Nice words of welcome and of the journey ahead, anticipating with you "all the good to come".

  10. Ah! Natasha, What a perfect description of the euphoria possible when talent and great sensitivity combine with friendship and fine wine. I so look forward to hearing more from you when the pub is fully open. Cheers! James.

  11. that's nice, in light of hope for a better tomorrow is a delight that binds life, keeps it together forever.

  12. You captured the magic of that blissful moment, Natasha and you know, "cheese" goes quite well with wine. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your work through our participation in dVerse. Very exciting.

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