One Shot 54 ~ The Whispering

What a wild and eventful week it’s been!  With so many new projects on the go, it’s nice to come back to safe and true! This week’s Oneshot was written on the fly…but it was written! 🙂
I was also given the opportunity to preview the cover for my book, just before quitting time today, and it was even better than I could have hoped! Coming soon to a Tashtoo Parlour near you! 🙂

So as me and hubby head out to celebrate 14 years of wedded bliss (Mind you, singing the Guns N’ Roses tune of the same name this morning didn’t go over well! lol) I leave you with my little poem.  It’s OneShotWednesday Eve my friends, and I urge you to read, write, and and join us for some of the best poetry being written on the web!
The Whispering
I hear things, you know
Late into the evening
When the house has quieted
I wouldn’t really call it voices
But rather, simply
A constant white noise
Where  by I cannotenjoy the silence,
Though I crave it.
There is pressure
An urge to release
As the night unfolds.
So seldom do I get this
This alone time…
But until the paper is marred
Until my pen bleeds
The whispering owns all.

21 thoughts on “One Shot 54 ~ The Whispering

  1. I know this feeling well. Congratulations on Wedded Bliss! Hooray! And book covers! My pens lately must have taken some great coagulant…they don't bleed much these days…

  2. Glad I'm not the only one! lol Listen to those whispers though… Congratulations on both your book cover and your wedding anniversary. Be blessed Natasha! 🙂

  3. That hiss in the darkness is the hoped-for accompanying soundtrack of our creative bio-film, Natasha. It doesn't quite drown out the sound of your blood dripping onto the page, but it gives it a resonant harmony. Lovely.Happy anniversary, my dear North Star.

  4. Interesting twist on silence and white noise. What goes on in the background is sometimes whispering, yet you're able to hear every syllable in every word, but at other times it's like it wasn't even there. Love how you incorporated this idea of white noise as a distraction, only finding your focus once the words start making it to the page. Congrats on all accounts as well:)

  5. What I like is the tone in this. There is a common point for all writers when they clear their heads and begin the process…for the voice in this piece – “white noise.”

  6. Congrats on your forthcoming book.. keep me posted, yes?Oh I know without some scrap of paper and pen around my mind would surely overload.. writing is fundamental..great poem!!!

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