Form Monday ~ The Nonet ~ Poet Blood

This week at Onestop Poetry, Corbie Sinclair is treating us to the form of Nonet, and even allowed me the opportunity to include my own attempt at this surprisingly difficult form.  Join us, won’t you…and have a go!  Here’s my latest!

Poet Blood
I am a poet who owns no pen
My words written in blood do bleed
Honesty, Integrity
Little pieces of me
Like tattered paper
Blowing away
On the wind

11 thoughts on “Form Monday ~ The Nonet ~ Poet Blood

  1. Wonderful as the screen turns to paper and the words turn to script the answers still are blowing in the wind. Sadly change is the only constant. Thank you for always being here for Form Monday, for allowing your poem as an example, for supporting the site and its writers. We value you so much! Gay

  2. Rumours? Rumor has it you're the one I'm leaving them for…. Adele's got a great new tune about rumours. 🙂 Oooooh, oooooh, Now I'll have that tune stuck in my head all afternoon! Thanks for the visits! Sending poetry love!

  3. You've covered so much so well here, without losing immediacy and impact. (I loved your other Nonet posted at OneStop as well.) I think we all feel a little tattered, a little bloody around the edges right now, as the law says about fugitives–we're in the wind.

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