Friday Poetically July 8, 2011 Farewell to an Era

Brian Miller of WaystationOne is featuring fantastic images today at Onestop Poetry’s Friday Poetically.  The artist highlighted today, Bonnie of Original Art Studio has provided some spectacular images for us to use as muse, and I think I may have discovered yet another favorite thanks to Brian and his work at Onestop.  Have a visit, and see what’s cooking! I guarantee you the images, and poetic responses will impress, and you may find yourself adding a few new folks to your own favorites list!

Farewell to an Era
Images bleeding
Over words yet to be written
An idea still spinning
Beyond that that is known.
Inspiration waining
The struggle, the cures
The new Renaissance has begun
Through all the ages
Our history written
At the hands of the winners
Bought and sold
For the sake of a payday
Our souls remain hungry
While our wallets fatten.
What happened to the poet
That was regarded above the majority
The great thinkers
Who spun ideas without objection
Where has our freedom truly gone
When gluttony has been the exchange?
Still, silent spirits
The weight of their presence
That refuses to let the poet die
Find strength in their combined numbers
And find their voice within our heads
As they whisper
We can’t live this way forever
The poet, the painter, 
The heart and soul maker
Will regain their place
And perhaps the world
Will regain her peace.
For now our words remain
Fighting to be heard
As we await
The end of the era.

9 thoughts on “Friday Poetically July 8, 2011 Farewell to an Era

  1. smiles. a bit somber with a ring of hope…poets, painters, artists of all kind should use those voice, not let them be choked out on modernity's floor….louder, louder let them rise crescendo as they toss us into the flames…bwahaha…ok maybe too much coffee this morning…almost time for lunch, grilled cheese!!

  2. Yes all should not cater to the normLiving in the same old dormRising up to show their stuffLeaving the ordinary liking in a huffThe fading era could come backOr it could be the unordinary blurting out from shack to shackShowing something newAll kinds of things to viewGreat words by youThat you already knew

  3. Oh I like this, Natasha–and I really applaud the conclusion–I think the greed and materialism that are sending us over the cliff into an abyss of ignorance we've never known before is very much tied in with the lack of emphasis on the importance of art and what it means for the other side of humanity, the spiritual side. I could talk on forever about this, but I'll just say–excellent work to the prompt, and a poem with something very much worth saying.

  4. It is indeed sad that the words and other works of the true intellectuals are so little regarded by so many — too many — today. But there's always hope, I suppose. Great illustration for a (typically) thoughtful piece.

  5. oohhh, you, go, girl! Us artistic-types, yes! we must save the world from itself. keep writing – maybe we'll just save ourselves, which will make it worthwhile 😉

  6. Gosh Natasha…what a write! 'The poet, the painter, The heart and soul maker' ~ I agree with Sheila, maybe we can at least save ourselves..p'haps the world will follow?

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