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Questions of Faith

Questions of Faith

I have known for a very long time
That I was destined for greatness
But lately, my confidence
Or lack there of
Betrays me.
I have known for a very long time
That I am a mere piece
Of the great cosmic puzzle
Connected to all
Yet doubt…
Keeps me separate.
Amongst this chaos
Where I dwell
Rivers of fire burn
Purifying the unholy
Scalding the unclean
Re birthing spirit
So that I may start again.
I always knew I would get that chance
That nothing is constant
And forever is but an illusion
In the heart of love sick school girls
My prince arrived
Not on stallion, but invisible
So that to the others
I appeared crazy in my obsession
I always knew
My greatest challenge
Would be in not believing them.
These time wasting tales
My church, my religion
Are not welcome in this world
For there are more pressing things
To tend to.
But without these words
The world loses the beauty
And if I am remembered for anything
It will be for reminding you
Of that.

Natasha Head with a little help from Crayola! 🙂

It’s that time again! Yay! OneShot Wednesday is almost upon us.  Come and visit with us at Onestop Poetry.  Have a read, post a poem, make some friends.  They host some of the best talent on the web each and every week.


25 thoughts on “Questions of Faith

  1. nice blend of art and verse today tash…keep spinning those tales…regardless of what others may think of you…it matters little in the long run…you are destined for greatness, that i am sure of…

  2. "So that to the othersI appeared crazy in my obsessionI always knewMy greatest challengeWould be in not believing them."^^^Love that. That's my biography, right there.This is really good, Natasha.

  3. Yep screw what others stayIgnore their dumb remarks as they try to cause dismayGreat things can occurSometimes in a blurSo keep at it as you say tooAnd hopefully the crap will no longer stick like glue

  4. Really enjoyed this piece. Doubt is inevitable. It just happens, sometimes swiftly and other times it just creeps. There will always be those naysayers and non-believers, they'll haunt you too. They just will. But keeping pace with yourself, believing despite the doubt. Moving forward is just as important, more important, that recognizing that doubt etc.. is just another obstacle on the pathway. Your poem really gets me thinking, which is always appreciated. thanks:)

  5. I love the way you've used opposites to make your point, juxtaposed the unholy and the unclean with the same fires doing opposite things to them–then brought it all around and had it make sense in a personal place. My favorite lines in this are the last ones–"the world loses the beauty…" without them, indeed.

  6. Great flow on this one, Natasha! I just love this line: "And forever is but an illusion / In the heart of love sick school girls." Awesome write. And the artwork is spectacular!

  7. Oh, gosh, Natasha, this was touching. Your last handful of lines:"But without these wordsThe world loses the beautyAnd if I am remembered for anythingIt will be for reminding you."You'll be remembered for more than that, but what a wonderful thing for which to be remembered! Awesome work all around, my dear friend.

  8. A fresh and original look at the spiritual ambivalence of human experience. I love the flow of this Natasha and the intense and moving imagery.Hugs,and thanks for your comments and support. James.

  9. I fell in love here, a poem that speak directly to my place, I just adore that connection through words. You spin them wonderfully here! ~ Rose

  10. "That nothing is constantAnd forever is but an illusion"& "For there are more pressing thingsTo tend to."Wonderful couplets, and notions, ideas and thoughts we all need to be reminded of in the former and a sad, wearying lament in the latter. So true, yet it is sad.Another great write Natasha

  11. Just had a discussion with another poet around these parts about being destined for greatness…this piece really resonates with that conversation and the thoughts running through my head. Dig the art work with the poem!Anniefor some reason its not letting me post under my wordpress acount:

  12. Hello Natasha -You write magnificently. I think as long as we follow our heart passions in life, we will always win. Remember that the masses are often wrong. Just because the majority sees and does things a certain way, does not ever make it the right way or best method. Your poem is beautiful. Thank you and have a great Wednesday. 🙂

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