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It’s a Hay Days Kind of Birthday

Each and every year, the community of Shubenacadie hosts a Canada Day Parade, festivities, and fire works to rival the “bigger’ cities.  We call it Shubenacadie Hay Days and living right on Main Street, allows me a bird’s eye view of the celebrations…and allows me to spend the day in my comfy clothes without missing any of the excitement.  The long weekend was fantastic, and for once, we were blessed with three days of near perfect weather.  It also saw the return of the road tripping real estate agent as Saturday saw me travelling to Paradise to show a home, only 200 or so odd kilometers away.  It was close enough to Upper Clements theme park for the fam to tag along, and my daughter got to spend the afternoon riding log flumes and roller coasters. In honor of our country’s 144th, and for my friends south of the border who are celebrating Independence Day, I thought I’d keep with that theme today, and see if I can’t share that down home, country vibe with you!

Shubenacadie Hay Days
 For 144 years, our communities have celebrated
Reveling in the freedom that so many don’t know
Embracing our cultures, celebrating our differences
And feasting from the melting pot that is our community.
It is a day where our driveways are sacrificed
Offered up to the gods of lawn chairs and waving paper flags
Where toddlers dash for candy
Thrown by clowns and creatures outfitted
By the Co-op country store
And Mom’s feign heat exhaustion
Sending them down the road with Dad
With crooked trucker cap
A tight wife beater, smeared with left over ketchup
From the hot dogs they ate at the fire hall for breakfast.
With jeans buckled below gurgling beer guts
They arrive to covet thy neighbor’s automobile
At the church yard show and shine
While the ladies of the Tin Smith Museum
Pander t~shirts and glow sticks
In anticipation of nightfall.
The roar of 7 tractors in a row
Followed by the cry of the fire sirens
From communities near and far
Drowning out even
The melancholy sounds
Of the bagpipers paying homage
To our home in native land.
Oh Canada…
There’s no where else on Earth
Quite like you!
Shubenacadie Hay Days Parade July 1st, 2011~Natasha Head Photo

7 thoughts on “It’s a Hay Days Kind of Birthday

  1. nice. happy canada day! tractors and bagpipes with beer guts and smiles….sounds a lot like july 4th down here…sounds like you had a bunch of fun…roller coasters and log flumes…yay!

  2. Haven't been to upper clemens in quite a whileThe flume ride was quite a fun styleAlthough last I seen the coaster looked like it was going to fall apartWith the rickety cart..hahaYeah we have those parades and such tooSounds like the exact same as youCaptured it grandHopefully the clowns didn't buzz your hand..haha

  3. I haven't attended an actual home-town parade — IIRC, our town had Fourth of July parades and one special one for the town's 250th anniversary — since I was a child, so young that the only "memories" I have of them is that I enjoyed them. Thanks for evoking the feel of them. Your descriptive prowess impresses, as always.

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