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Down by the River

First off, Onestop Poetry deserves a huge shout out for a fantastic year in the blogisphere! These wonderful folks have done wonders for my writing, and I can imagine they have done the same for many others.  From their lessons on form, to introducing us all to some fantastic writers, photographers, painters, and artists from all ends of the spectrum, AND perhaps most of all, for their commitment to One Shot Wednesdays.  I may joke about my latest online addictions, but this one’s for real! The thought of missing a One Shot Wednesday makes me almost stomach sick! (okay, so maybe I’m a bit of a drama queen!)  But seriously, these folks have forged an amazing online community dedicated to support of the arts, and they have filled it with fantastic and supportive appreciators and artists alike.  I am honored to be able to be a part of it, and I urge you to visit…if you haven’t already!

Okay, back to business! This weeks Oneshot Wednesday offering…

Down by the River
I wrote down by the river
On a sunny afternoon
Hiding under the canopy
of an ancient oak tree.
No one could see me
Just below her banks
on a little ledge
that felt as thought it had been made
just for me.
The water was shallow
despite our heavy rains,
and smelled like the creek
where we spent our summers as children.
The sun danced
on the silver backs of the minnows
and a robin called to me
from across the mirror of water.
A typical work day
Suddenly turned to muse
With the random coin toss
At the road~off stop sign
where two dirt lanes intersected.
And in my search for inspiration
I came upon this river
As though she had been waiting for me.
Stewiacke River Park
Natasha Head Photo

23 thoughts on “Down by the River

  1. There's a river park? Never knew that. Very nice pick and good choice for inspiration. Another fine job with the rhyming adding a great pace to it.

  2. Lovely – nature calls us especially in the heat of summer…I totally understand the missing of a One Shot Wednesday…it is my favorite place to post and always try to post my best (or at least I think are) poems there…it is an addiction of mine also…but feel it to be a good one….bkm

  3. wonderful. I really like how you brought us right into the creative process, led us by the hand. It was like I was there. Really enjoyed, thanks for sharing:)

  4. as though she had been waiting for me….well, of course she was! Thanks for sharing such a journey with us – it is the simple, quiet ones that seem to have the most beauty.

  5. This is a lovely, private moment you had communing with nature…everything here seems to be painted just for you…the bird crying to you from across the lake..the childhood memories…I could almost smell the air you breathed. A beautiful painting with words…

  6. The imagery and storytelling in this poem is so strong and inspiring. I love the idea of something in nature being made for an individual, on a personal level. I really connect with the lines "on a little ledge / that felt as thought it had been made / just for me." Beautiful!

  7. I long to know just where you are. Part of me thinks of Nova Scotia (as well as all of the UK, Paris, New York, Boston, and New Orleans) as my "other" home. Oh mustn't forget Aspen CO, and Mac Island Michigan as well. I have found special places "my place" in all of them. But Nova Scotia allows you to think you don't share it with anyone else. I believe you found your "own river" here. Beautiful!

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