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Autumn Breath ~ Friday Poetically

Every Friday at Onestop Poetry, Brian Miller of WaystationOne calls us to be inspired.  This week’s featured artist is Alison Jardine.  Her work is indeed inspiring, uplifting, and got my pen running this morning!  After traveling through the work she features in her galleries at, I have picked my piece, and am presenting here to share with you.  It’s a great way to spend a Friday morning, and I urge you to visit Alison and OneStop to feed your poetic fires!

Autumn Breath
There is a time when one must eventually stop
Choosing of their own free will
To recharge, reflect, redirect
The tired, bombarded, over~lived soul
That, at our core, has occasionally been forgotten
We are forced to stop,
At the hands of fate.
Through illness, loss, grief…
But there are other ways
To force the pause.
Like a big, deep, breath
On a misty, Mid~October morning
Lost against a horizon
In a raging sea of burning fire and melting gold
Knowing that true beauty
Comes with the acceptance
That one day,
The pause will be permanent
And the value within the beauty
Of that misty, Mid~October morning
Becomes priceless.
“Through Fall Leaves”
Alison Jardine


13 thoughts on “Autumn Breath ~ Friday Poetically

  1. Lovely write Natasha, very inspiring. We all need time or seasons to stop and reflect. A lot of people won't allow themselves a break, hence illnesses, it works to force us to stop! x

  2. much wisdom in your words tashi – i really like this…her drawings are breath-taking aren't they – i had such a hard time to decide which one to take – love the one you chose

  3. Allegory…well played, Natasha."But there are other waysTo force the pause.Like a big, deep, breathOn a misty, Mid~October morning"*dreamy sigh*

  4. Amen. When you start to live with the realization that it can all be taken away at any time, suddenly, the immense value of everything you care about is blindingly obvious, and really without price.

  5. Really really good. This part was extraordinary, really liked it a lot:We are forced to stop,At the hands of fate.Through illness, loss, grief…But there are other waysTo force the pause.Like a big, deep, breathOn a misty, Mid~October morningLost against a horizonIn a raging sea of burning fire and melting goldThanks for sharing this piece:)

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