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Gasoline Rain

Gasoline Rain
There’s a poison that runs, runs deep in these veins
Eating through heartbreak like the full moon soon wanes
These shadows that chase you are fueled by my hate
There is a history at the hands of fate.
The sun never shines in gasoline rain
There is no such thing as erasing the pain
Yours is a shallow grave where your heart has lain
Eaten alive in the gasoline rain.
These scars are still bleeding, they bleed bloody red
Ripped open each time I think of what you said
And now like the poison, I’m addicted to pain
Turning to ash, burnt by gasoline rain.
The heat always rises in gasoline rain
To quell the flames your attempts are in vain
I’m here to take the abuse and the pain
So I can watch you burn in the gasoline rain
Purify and watch me die, melted in the flames
The lies you told, this heart you sold
We will never be the same.
The alibis so quickly fly, proof you are insane
You never should have built our kingdom
In this storm of gasoline rain.


9 thoughts on “Gasoline Rain

  1. There you go burn them to the ground, no matter where they are found. The rhymes make a nice addition too. Oh and between me and you, if gasoline came down from the skies, maybe the price would go down and there would be no more off topic there.

  2. Wonderful expression. Perhaps my favorite line overall is "Purify and watch me die, melted in the flames." Well written, well said and thought provoking. And I love the title!

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