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To the Blue ~ For OneShotWednesday~ June 15th, 2011

This piece was a sad piece to write.  It’s meaning goes far deeper than words could express, and as usual, I have fallen back to the comfort of rhyme to attempt to express myself.  It’s a habit that can be hard to break! 🙂  The photo is of my niece looking over the Bay of Fundy at Anthony’s Park.  A beautiful picnic park located just beyond the historic village of Maitland, where grand sailing ships at one time were built, and pirate and ghost stories are the norm. 

I have been spending much time working on poetry for beyond my blog, and many of these require never before published works, so if I have overlooked returning a comment, please forgive me and know I’ll be headed your way soon.

It seems momentum has picked up for me quite a bit, and it is with thanks to you, dear readers, poets and friends, that this has happened.  It is with a very grand and special thanks to the supportive, amazingly talented folks at One Stop Poetry, who have provided me inspiration on days when I swore none would be found, and for this weeks One Shot Wednesday I am presenting “To the Blue”

Natasha Head Photo

To the Blue
I wish I could have been there
The day you finally flew
The day they took your ashes
And tossed them to the blue.
I wish I could have been there
To have the chance to say
That though you may have doubted it
We loved you and your way.
I wish I could have been there
When your mind made you decide
That this life had been wasted
And it was time to say good~bye.
I wish I could have been there
To speak of our love for you
The day they took your ashes
And tossed them to the blue.

25 thoughts on “To the Blue ~ For OneShotWednesday~ June 15th, 2011

  1. Oh, this is so sad…full of regret. I've a lot to learn about rhyme schemes, so it's great to come here and read yours…you do it so well. Thanks Natasha..

  2. Nothing wrong with rhymeI do it all the timeWhether for the funny boneOr a more serious type of toneYes suicide itself is heavy as Brian sadAnd can be a battle in ones headSpeaking from direct experience tooCan occur from out of the blueOr can be a long sought out process you see comingFrom a subtle hummingBut after all the help and stuff you tryIt is their terms if they want to dieJust when the snap comes from the poutMake sure you are NO WHERE near about

  3. There's absolutely nothing wrong with using rhyme, and here the rhyme and the repeat make for the sadness in the poem hun. This must have been so difficult to write, for anyone who's ever lost a child, or seen one pass before their time, there's an added tangible sadness to the passing.Eloquently written my friend x

  4. i think it's a long sad way someone goes before he decides on committing suicide, leaving friends and family just broken and probably heavy with guilt and the wish they had seen it come or had been there

  5. I admire those who can rhyme, and not sound silly but sublime…The rhyming takes a touch of the sting out of the sadness of the poem, I think. Not much, just a touch.Good write, Tash

  6. When I first "met" you, you were more a rhyming poet and I always enjoyed your verse. With this piece it seems you've taken the grit and depth of your non-rhyming work and given it a structured polish that makes it a complete gem. Wonderful work, Natasha.

  7. I agree with the above posters, the rhyme is well-used and appropriate here. Not many could express so cleanly the sorrow that holds no anger, only love, as you have in this wistful piece. Like LauraX, I hope writing it helped.

  8. I know I told you I loved this already, but I wanted to get ur attention toward another piece I wrote. I experimented with recording it actually as a song. The recording is directly above the poem. I can't sing, but wanted to experiment, just to get an idea if I could do this or not and I can't get anybody to comment. Maybe it's bad. But I kinda like it. It's here. thank you for the kind words on my civil war poem.

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