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Breathing Into Life

Round and round the cycle spins
Ups and downs, tequila, gin
Coping with the beds we make
Attempting to give as much as take
Weekend leisure pretends release
But work’s never ending, seldom we cease
Beating our brains like a gun to the head
Blaming ourselves because our souls are dead

Round and round in vicious routine
Spinning out of control and into obscene
Everyday we fight to hang on to hate
Resenting the pressure, betting high stakes
Risking it all for that one golden chance
Praying the beautiful will ask us to dance
Putting our dreams in the hands of another
So we’ve someone to blame when they strip off the covers.

Exposing our madness, exposing our rage
we don’t deserve this our life, living caged
We are free thinkers, exposing for not
The breath of truth, unadulterated free thought
Condemn us they must, for they happen to think
They’ve got strength in numbers, the lost missing link
But I refuse to be smashed by the masses
The monkey’s, the pigs and the true horses’ asses.

I am a human, alive under grace
I refuse to exchange a number for face
I will not convert to what they think I must
I believe in myself, in myself I do trust.
I am selfless and whole, yet I need only me
To break through the grayness of conformity
I’ve gone down that road and I near lost my way
Now the real me is back and I’m here to stay.


7 thoughts on “Breathing Into Life

  1. hahaha oh yes those true horses' asses really need to shove it, that line was great..lolGlad you beat them back and are now out of their horrible sack, the day I conform to the norm, is the day horses fly, unless you count pegasus, but we won't go…really liked this one, great job.

  2. Wow. You kinda said what I might have said, had I chosen to say it. :)Anger, frustration, self-righteous indignation… It was all there. A hearty "well done" for this one.

  3. wonderful breath of fresh air in these words you write Natasha, a plan for life that breaks down the constraints of what is acceptable. love this poem and the freedom it envokes.

  4. Hi Natasha,How are you doing ? Wish you are having a great time.Very Nice , Yup you are back and you are here to stay ..A poet has have all elements infused to give a superior performance on the spot.Thanks for dropping by and leaving the lovely comment , actually I was out of town on a project busy busy busy that were those 18 odd days.Now back . 🙂

  5. "Blaming ourselves because our souls are dead" – Love it!! .. I always enjoy reading your passionate pieces .. this one is probably my fav!!

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