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Deviant Oak ~ For One Shot Wednesday

Once again, this week saw me running to the twitter~verse, seeking inspiration for this week’s OneshotWednesday link up at the always awesome One Stop Poetry.  True to form, the wonderful friends I have made gave me tons of ideas to work with, but the first to answer my SOS was Mark Stratton, with what I thought was a really neat idea. Mark is another wonderful writer I discovered online, and has recently released  a new book of his work.  He’s well worth visiting, along with all the other poets and writers who have landed at Onestop. This week, I present to you…

Deviant Oak
And though the plan within this pod
May come from source divine
I don’t think I want to grow up
To be a tree this time.
Nestled in this earthen home
Awaiting nourishment
I think I’d rather be a bird
And tell the gods “get bent!”
I must decide, I must choose
Before these roots take hold
If I want to die before my time
So they can mark my lumber sold.
If I stay and grow my rings
An eternity it will seem
Then the saws and lumberjacks
Will start getting mean.
They’ll take my arms and rip them off
And head straight for my heart
They’ll count my rings and laugh out loud
While sawing me apart!
If I could stay and stand my watch
Like I was meant to do
Then I would honor the divine plan
And not have to choose
But to die so tragic and in vain
Just to lay upon your floor!?
I am the ruler of the forest
A king for ever more!
So watch me grow and give you shade
And breathe the air I make
A deviant who will not bow
And let my kind be raped

21 thoughts on “Deviant Oak ~ For One Shot Wednesday

  1. woot…love the intensity…i am a tree hugger from way back…climbed a plenty and rolled on a blanket or two beneath, so save the trees and now go write me a grilled cheese poem…haha

  2. You go and hug that treeShout it out with gleeIf anyone tries to chop it down whack them in the kneeOr threaten to chop them up and they will flee..lolVery interesting takeHad no idea from the title this is what would partakeBut it defintely was one I enjoyedAs life of a tree you toyedAll can relate to the roots and wanting to fly freeBut then of course the grass is always greener that you seeOh and "Get Bent"That right there should make those tree choppers

  3. Holy Fudd! This is great! You made a wonderful poem from the *ahem* seed I shuffled your way. What a wonderful notion, and poem.Now I gotta get my game on with a bit more ummph behind it. Well done, Tash, Well Done…

  4. Brilliant ! love that fact you wrote it from the trees perspective and wrote it so well ….thank you ( puts my effort to shame )

  5. Smooth transition from semi-comic to quite serious and real–not easy to do and you handled it well. I am in total agreement with the deviant(as usual.) I don't think there's anything on this planet that's safe from human greed, though, sadly.

  6. You know I'm all about trees. Strong vocals again. You don't say anything half way. A kool analogy on life to echo the question what's the use. I may be way off, but I enjoyed it anyway. And it's late. And I'll probably drift off pondering an acorn's fate. Great read.

  7. Unique viewpoint. We have an oak near here that is perhaps 2000 years old. It is being supported by braces and has the look of an old man on crutches. There are many old children and grandchildren nearby. They are not far from Compano Bay an inlet of the Gulf. They stand as old companions to the sea with their branches spreading far in all directions, and at their feet bluebonnets and indian paintbrush. Some trees are renewable, oaks are guardians (and Sequoias too) and should be preserved. Thanks, Gay

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