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The Problem with Observation

Today at Onestop Poetry’s Form Monday, Joy Ann Jones  is treating us to a bit of free verse poetry.  Her article is fantastic, and her work is amazing!  While my own offering will not hold a candle to many of the sincere talents that can be found at Onestop, I present to you…

The Problem with Observation
When I assumed this role
I thought perhaps there would be room for me.
Sticking to these contractual obligations
Is proving more difficult than I had anticipated,
and perhaps I should have paid closer attention
to the fine print;
I was not informed my position came with a gag order.
I was not told that though I would be using my voice,
my opinion could not be included.
I didn’t know that action would be sacrificed as proof
and that I would have to be willing to stop living my own life…
to make a story out of yours.


13 thoughts on “The Problem with Observation

  1. Great free verse, this speaks strongly to a position of partnership that I recently exited. Your words articulate it beautifully, thank you for this one! ~ Rose

  2. wow. harsh reality…and i can feel the angst tash…two stories can blend well if one does not dominate…and losing my opinion, aint going to happen..smiles.

  3. This is great, Natasha. I love the in-your-face tone, the formal language conveying all the stiffness of emotion held in check. And of course, it is all done in a seamless free verse style that makes every word resonate. So glad you found the time to write and link up today. "…I was not told that though I would be using my voice,/my opinion could not be included…." love that, and man have I been there!

  4. I've done a few writing projects in the role of "ghost writer," but I knew right up front that I was to write them as if I were the client, with his or her opinions, etc. Not letting the writer know this beforehand is inexcusable.

  5. Well said, so often an agreement is a gag order for one in a relationship…to ensure the other gets the glory….not good for any relationship …usually its downfall….bkm

  6. You captured exactly my feelings when working in a law office. It was great at times, but when I had to sit on my opinions regarding some issues, I felt as though I'd been betrayed from the start. Well done with tone and language…and all the things Joy said. I loved it too. Gay

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