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This week’s Friday Poetically with Brian Miller over at One Stop Poetry is shaping up to be a hot one! As Brian battles his heat wave, we have been prompted with the sun as muse.  After a slow writing week, I’ve taken up the challenge and present to you my own effort….

Hope Rising
When in darkness we dream of light
A ray of sun, a warm embrace
Life’s struggle tends to lead us down often lonely paths
But the light will always wait for us
At dawn
And through the darkness, through these dark nights
When we feel all has somehow been lost
If we can only see those rays of sun
Within our minds eye…we too will arrive
At dawn.
For in the darkness there are lessons learned
Suspended in the classroom of time
And without the darkness, we would not recognize
The beauty that comes at the fringe of the night
Awakening at dawn.
And within the brilliance
Of light reflecting,
Within the comfort
Of that warm embrace
Hope remains ignited within the heart
And faith in knowing that a new day
Will dawn.

21 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I was getting way too pale! lol Blame Brian for this foray into the light! 🙂 And, as always…thanks so much for reading. I'm down a man in the office so haven't had much time for play 😦

  2. nice…we oft forget the dawn come safter the night, esp after we have lived in that shadow for so long…may you find your warm embrace…and a few minutes of break in that busy day!

  3. Ahhh so warm and embracing, I like the light. Glad the dark has lost the fight, at least for today, sure once again there you will stray, after you are no longer pale, but by that time it might

  4. Brilliance!!!!!!!!!!! At dawn, you made that phrase sound like a good thing, not something to fear, a beautiful thing, a hope that can be counted on. I enjoyed this very much. And thank you for the Twitter Shout. That was a nice surprise.

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