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Lady of the Cove

There are many tales that have been woven about beautiful Peggy’s Cove on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. So many in fact, it can be difficult to tell the fact from fiction, and in an area that is so rich with folklore and wives tales it becomes even harder!

 That being said, for this weeks One Shot Wednesday over at Onestop Poetry, I would like to share with you my own little version of one of the more popular stories.  It’s a fun little write, the sun is shining, there’s a summer time breeze blowing, and my road tripping feet are getting antsy.  In honor of perfect summer days and tourist destinations that are NOT rip~offs, I present to you…

Lady of the Cove
In a violent, raging, rolling sea
She somehow washed upon the shore
Hanging on to that one last breath
Fighting to touch the floor
The ship was gone, her family too
All souls lost at sea
But hanging on to that one last breath
Would rewrite the histories.
The sand was cold, the granite hard
When she released that final breath
The smell of salt and seaweed stench
Proof she’d cheated death.
Waking in the brilliant sun
Battered, bruised, Not broken
Alone in strange lands not her own
Where devil tongues were spoken
The small fishing town soon took to her
And the tale she had to tell
Christened as a child named Margaret
She wove a wondrous spell.
And all too soon love found its way
And blossomed in her heart
She took to the role of wife and Mum
From the fisherman she would not part.
And to this day they tell her tale
Round potbellied kitchen stoves
Of Margaret’s arrival upon their shores
Their Lady of the Cove.
Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse ~ Natasha Head Photo

Due to a copywrite issue, the title of this poem had to be changed.  It originally appeared as Peggy of the Cove, but artist Ivan Fraser was kind enough to send me a Facebook Message to let me know he had the term trademarked back in 2004 and demanded I change the title.  I offer my sincerest apologies to Ivan, and hope he understands I honestly had no clue! 🙂


22 thoughts on “Lady of the Cove

  1. Yes heard a tale or two about down that way, but yours is the best one I've heard any day.Can't say I've ever gone down there thoughMaybe one day I'll goNice write from a long absense by youUsing NS as a backdrop was fun too

  2. An upbeat story, no vampires or anything! It sounds like a wonderful spot to visit, with some down to earth folklore like that attached to it. Enjoyed it much.

  3. My kinda writing. Had me smiling proud all the way. This was a lil different from you, but I loved it. The voice was cluttered with familiar noise, you allowed for a fresh voice. VERY GOOD! Haven't heard from you. Glad ut still writin' winners.

  4. A wonderful poem telling a story that has been circulating in our area for years. If you visit Peggy's Cove this summer don't miss John Beales irreverent version of Peggy's story at The Old Red Schoolhouse.

  5. An accomplished and brilliantly rhymed telling of your local legend Natasha. I enjoyed reading this original take on on Peg's cove. Just a quick question. Can you tell me why 'Margaret' is often shortened to 'Peggy' ? James.

  6. This is very beautiful limes of poems. Such that in free time I keep on listened these types of poems. And they are one o my favorite lyrics of the poem. They are according to my mood.

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