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Ashes & Brimstone ~ Inspired by the Art Work of Chuck Close

Today at Friday Poetically with Brian Miller, artist Chuck Close is featured.  Brian has done a fantastic job at sharing Chuck’s story, and has called on the fans of Onestoppoetry to post pieces inspired by his work, his struggle, and his example.  He is a man who has overcome amazing obstacles to keep producing his amazing works of art, and I urge you to visit him to learn more of this awe~inspiring artist and his work.

Ashes & Brimstone
Out of the eternal flame
A single spark awakens
And in the moment
For the first time separate,
SELF is recognized
And though the light will dim
Even as dust in darkness
The ash will still carry the memory
Of that light…that warmth
And in that moment of recollection
What is now separate
Will awaken to the realization
That separate
Does not mean whole.
Out of the brimstone
Another flame is thrown
And in the the company of another
The magick that is breath begins to burn
Igniting through the collected union
An army is risen out of the ash
Swirling, colliding, combining
A battalion of color, of shape and of form
From a distance, a Nemeses
Whole, complete
Soldier of the solid
Who knows no equal
But the sparks know
And in their awareness of SELF
The illusion of their survival
Rests upon their respect of the whole
And in each and every individual
That completes the soldier
And thus completes
The portrait.
Chuck Close

9 thoughts on “Ashes & Brimstone ~ Inspired by the Art Work of Chuck Close

  1. Went to the onestop way and visited as you sayReally overcame the odds and kept on goingWhether rain, shine or umm snowingAnd your words validate his work that much moreAs they aren't a boreDeserve an encoreWon't make you snoreMay open a new doorAnd as always provide another great read at your shore

  2. …"The ash will still carry the memoryOf that light…that warmth" AND the whole last paragraph. Wow. The whole poem is moving and wonderfully expressed. Thank you.

  3. wow…fabulous word play tash…the imagery of the army rising is nice as well…got a good beat to it, want to hear it…seperate, self (early on) is good alliteration to set the pace…you captured this very well…and i chose the same pic!

  4. @Brian…great minds my friend! 🙂 Fantastic Friday Poetically today…still looking through the volumes of images to be found…almost unbelievable to imagine creating a piece in such a manner. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful artist with us!

  5. Awesome poem Tash…goes wonderfully with the picture. These words 'What is now separateWill awaken to the realizationThat separateDoes not mean whole.' really speak to me…wish I'd written that! 🙂

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