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Life on the Sidelines

Life on the Sidelines
The night was “creamy”…
You know how it is,
When twilight meets the darkness
Under a raging and full harvest moon
When warm summer evenings get forgotten
In the haste to prepare for the approaching dead season
Yes…the night was creamy,
Like it had reached its dew point.
Coming down main street
The smiling moon led my way
A fiery glow through a desperate mist
Dancing among the overhanging boughs of maples
Just ready to admit defeat
Giving up their green for the colors of the season.
Through picture windows, tales unfold
And as I stroll, I can’t help but lose myself
In the lives I imagine they live.
How I would simply love to curl up
In the dreams of another.
After so many years of reaching for my own,
It would be nice…
Just to stand on the sidelines of life for awhile.
It would be much easier to record it,
If I didn’t have to get so caught up in the living.

8 thoughts on “Life on the Sidelines

  1. Aww yes to sit on the sidelines and just watch a while would be nice. But good old life just keeps on getting in the way. Just don't get to close to those picture windows looking for a tale, as you might get dubbed Tom with peeping in

  2. As always, great imagery. I particularly like "the approaching dead season" and "the overhanging boughs of maples Just ready to admit defeat." And yes, it always does seem safer to be a spectator than a participant when it comes to life's ups and downs, doesn't it?

  3. What a beutiful poem, love the part: "and as i stroll, i cant help but lose myselfin the lives i imagine they live" It say so much about life. I can see myself walking and looking into the windows of others, looking into the happy dreams. Beutiful!

  4. Another fabulous write Natasha. "You know how it is,When twilight meets the darkness"This instantly reminded me of one of my favourite poems by e e cummings, where he names this time of day "the magical hour when is becomes if"The imagery here is both seductive and profound.Simply brilliant!

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