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I was tweeting with a favorite writer today about my inspirational well having run dry, and I was considering skipping my first One Shot Wednesday since I found the fabulous folks at One Stop Poetry.  So, dear Joe Hesch, I want to thank you immensely for convincing me to grab the pen and dive in.  Whether or not that hit to the head produced anything worth reading…I’ll leave that up to you, dear reader, to decide.  If you think so, thank Joe with a visit to A Thing For Words.

This skin is marred
My battle scars
Purposely and forever scraped
Upon tired, aging, flesh
Resistant to the conformity
Branded by heat of youth
The passion of forever young
Refusing to be named
Pigeon holed
Painted with a brush the same
The pain of punishment
Awash in the glory of acceptance
Spitting it back
In surprised faces
As this well spoken demon takes hold
Each milestone
A talisman
Permanent, bound for eternity
To this soul filled shell
This meat that breathes
Growing, festering, rotting
Before my eyes
In swirls of tribal blacks
And Celtic blues
Pierced through
The crunch of marrow
The crack of bone
The sweet oblivion of eternal sleep
The ultimate reward
This skin is marred
My battle scars
The result of so many victories
In the wars that wage
To hold on to me.


14 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. whew..some vivid imagery tash…wear those scars with pride, you earned them…each one a story…and i like to think they hold the rest of the meat together…smiles.

  2. Hit a wall?Bah you barely had a stallAs you played onestop ballAnd your new post sure didn't fallMany scars hold us all togetherMore as we begin to weatherBut at least something holds us upOr we'd go all mushy and fill a ummm cup

  3. So pleased you were persuaded to 'dive in' Natasha.If you'd accepted your imagined block we couldn't have enjoyed such lines as: "The crunch of marrowThe crack of boneThe sweet oblivion of eternal sleep"A brilliant write, lyrical and profound. Well done, James.

  4. Powerful piece =) I've always though beauty lies in truth even in imperfection, perhaps especially because its what makes us unique. To hell with ideals we should embrace ourselves scars and all.

  5. I was just thinking, "Man, I should get a tattoo." It seems cathartic to have a permanent representation of"the wars that wageTo hold on to me."Excellent poem! 😀

  6. Whew! And Whoo-ee! Apparently there was ink at the bottom of that well. And plenty deep, too, just like this poem. And, with this fine piece behind you, I will re-retire the mantle of Coach Hesch. Thank you, Natasha. Great stuff!

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