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Music, Magic & Mayhem

Music, Magic & Mayhem
I dare you now to dance with me
For once alone, no one to see
Naked under pure moonbeams
Where silver light vibrates and teams
Amongst the woodland creatures bring
Peace, contentment, the sacred ring
Where energy will surely rise
When we connect at fireside.
The ancient sound, a sacred drum
Invoking goddess and her son
Drawing down the divine moon
The tempo rises, the time is soon
The heart does quicken as mind clears
In purity we release all fears
The smell of sage in fire, burns
And perceived reality begins to turn
Through centuries of time and man
Before we called it Holy Land
Commissioned by the royal name
No son of god would lay such claim.
The circle now begins to grow
The salt is burning a sacred glow
The magick of mind grows and vibrates
Bringing us to Holy gates
And at its center, wild flames will leap
Within this circle our souls will meet
With our disguises washed away
To the song of the night, our bodies sway.
And around us now the magick grows
With harm to none, we reap, she sows
Our mother smiles in the sky
The stars, her children, become our guides
As we leave these earthly shells behind
And drunk on love, our souls collide.
The music of creation sings
And out of chaos, the mayhem brings
The magick we will forever share
Beyond this circle to everywhere
For now we are the sacred flame
That will burn forever in magick’s name.
And always will that sacred song
Beat in our hearts forever~long
Into the mystery of one
The love of goddess, mother, son.

6 thoughts on “Music, Magic & Mayhem

  1. Wow you rhymed once again quite wellAnd I really like the story you tellAs you keep increasing the paceEnding it with such graceWas a fun read todayAt the tales, errr ummm, Parlour where you play

  2. This definitely appealed to the Druids and other ancient Celts lurking in my genetic memory. Excellent piece! I could almost hear the drums in the background, echoing the rhythm of the poem.

  3. I love the 'old' magic in this, it speaks of the ancients rather than of the new age. I really got wrapped up in that dance by the fire…wonderful & enchanting..thank you 🙂

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