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If I had but just one wish
I would give that wish to you
For all the wonderful heartfelt things
I watch you say and do.

If I had but just one dream
It would be to be more like you
I am amazed by who you are
And how big your heart is too.

If I could take but just one hand
I would hope that you’d hold mine
For  without you, not sure I’d get through
These rough and troubled times

If I could cry but just one tear
I would shed it for the way
I see this world rip you apart
Each and every day.

For seldom will one be blessed to find
A heart as pure as yours
And I wish to live within your chambers
For now and evermore.


16 thoughts on “If…

  1. Awwww all lovey dovey todayA little dig I had to say..lolBut very heartfelt and profoundEven has a catchy umm soundWhen read aloudHe should be proud

  2. Sweet. Almost "too" sweet, Natasha… but very nice.Regrettably, it reminds me of a brief rewrite I did of the song "If" by Bread… and keep in mind, I was about 14 or 15 when I wrote it:"If a picture paints a thousand words, Then why can't I paint you?Naked.With body paints.Finger paints, actually."As I said, I was only about 14. I sent it as a hastily-scrawled note, to a classmate

  3. Hi NatashaIf…a truly beautiful piece of writing, reminds me of someone very very special to me, I will her on a link to the poem because I know she will see the beauty in the words and feeling also.Thank you for sharing this.Take careTrev

  4. Going all Hallmark on y'all today 🙂 The light at the end of the tunnel draws closer…and I would not have made it this far without the help I received. Thanks for the comments, and @Silverfox…you were a tease even then! lol

  5. Got the title fixed up…can't do nothing bout the comments, which is really sucky! People seemed to enjoy the lighter,brighter side of Tashtoo! lol

  6. Could prove interesting…I could post some golden oldie VHS clips lol, then dare you to do the same…and we could bring Pat…er, Cat over with his little green friend, and Betsy could design the invitations for our VIP's, and I would say Brian would make for a pretty cool MC. Treat you all to a mega maritime kitchen~stomp compliments of my big blue nose!

  7. Sounds like some of the internet "events" I've "attended" online. (I even hosted one with my writing partner on our joint blog.) Everyone participating does crossover blogs, and to get the full effect, you visit them all and read all the comments… Woo-HOO!

  8. I wish I could rhyme like this. When I try it, it sounds all forced and cheesy.And yeah, I go Akimbo Alogo every so often. Just don't tell my wife, okay?

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