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Diamond Ashtrays~OneshotWednesday

This week has seen me discussing music, tunes, and performing with a wide variety of friends.  In honor of those conversations, I am taking a big leap with you all, and sharing a song I wrote.  Nothing fancy, but a different sort of OneshotWednesday for me.  And, I still get to rhyme! 🙂 Link up with us at Onestoppoetry, and share your dreams with us!

Diamond Ashtrays
Bloodshot eyes and a cigarette smile
Dressed up in diamonds not her own
She once dreamed she’d live this life for a while
Knowing it would never be hers to own.
The kitchen still reeks of last evenings events
Flicked beer caps litter her floors
Ashtrays and Styrofoam, no champagne flutes
And someone put a fist through her door.
Dave Wilcox set on shuffle, still floating along
She steps over the bodies that she doesn’t know
She fills coffee pot, popping Advil nonstop
Cause she feels like her heads gonna blow.
Bloodshot eyes and a cigarette smile
Dreaming of mansions on hills
The A-list has never much been her style
But she’s always a chaser of thrills
The bodies now moving, they start to wake up
But she’s not feeling like much of a host
Cheap whiskey cologne, a wife they won’t phone
She just wants them all out of her house.
Bloodshot eyes and a cigarette smile
Dressed up in diamonds not her own
This raging redneck wanted to dance for a while
In the dream of a life she can’t own.

22 thoughts on “Diamond Ashtrays~OneshotWednesday

  1. oh you capture that morning after well…used to host live music on the weekend (back in the day) and totally trashed house the next morning…stepping in things and the smell oh my…and occasionally a few people hidden in corners asleep lol…nice lyrics tash…so are we getting closer to hearing you sing…smiles.

  2. I think your lyrics would sound great set to music, and the lifestyle certainly comes through the lines clearly. "The A-list has never much been her style / But she's always a chaser of thrills." Reveals a great deal about the speaker's life… So you will be singing for us next week, right? Claudia and I will not take no for an answer! lol Creative, very visual lyrics, Natasha 🙂

  3. I can set this to music, brilliant lyrical feel Natasha, I wanted to make an apology for not being around much the last few weeks but I guess you'd understand my friend! I can imagine a small z lister here after a house party from hell, struggling about her rented appartment with a cigarette in her mouth. Brilliant, really enjoyed it!

  4. This revived old memories of long late nights and desperate dawns, full of nostalgia, headaches and regret. To be a song it must be 'The Blues.' I'll try to sing it as a twelve bar. James.

  5. Well it reads like a ballad not a standard blues, but I like it whatever you call it. I'm sure we can have a backbeat 8 to the bar. I'm trying to picture you up in Nova Scotia which I love so much, having a rocknroll night and a hungover morning after. A little hard to do; but I'm trying. 🙂 Excellent work here, my dear. Gay

  6. Oh yes those hung over mornings I know to wellFeels like one woke up in hellThe lyrics really are well doneAnd just add depth to the funA mansion would be nice tooBut it be a bit much between me and youSo soon you have to use a lungAnd show us all how it's

  7. True-feeling story told here, as in a great country, blues or folk rock song. I wish I had the guts to do this. You've got the guts and chops to do even more of them. Thanks, 'Tasha.

  8. A party that gets you no where but lost in the next day…love the diamonds not her own…never like parties of this nature..maybe because of mornings after like this….bkm

  9. ok, I am with claudia and adam – I want to hear this song. I love it! This stanza really hit home – brough me back to my wild teenage years 🙂 – The kitchen still reeks of last evenings eventsFlicked beer caps litter her floorsAshtrays and Styrofoam, no champagne flutesAnd someone put a fist through her doorI am so glad you took a chance; had the courage to put this out here for us to enjoy!

  10. A song is a poem is a song, and this is no different from your usual great poetry. Would love to hear that music that goes with it."Dressed up in diamonds not her own" is such a key, brilliant line. Those diamonds are the dreams of your song's protagonist, and who amongst us hasn't bought into some dream we thought we'd borrow for a while, only to become trapped in it. This is a booze-soaked mirror of "on the bridge with purpose" – different dream, same trap. And the humor you put into it underscores it's darkness and brings the message home. This is definitely a poem with your usual depth and flow, poet

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