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Friday Poetically ~ Night or Day?

This week at Onestop Poetry’s Friday Poetically, Brian Miller asks us to choose Night or Day, and write.  Being me…I’ve gotta go with the in between! 🙂

The In~Between
Come and take a walk with me
Through the trails where crickets sing
Upon the banks where lovers wait
For twilight to close her orange gates
And on the horizon, a single star
Shines for hearts both near and far
Who long to live a simple dream
When night time falls post in between
No piercing light to tire eyes
Only smokey shadows to help us hide
No fair weather friends to stab our backs
No mom’s to cry when we walk the cracks
Hand in hand, no one to see
Beyond our shadows of mystery
What would they say if they knew
I spent my evenings here with you?
Soul to soul, we’ve been denied
But for our secret twilight time
Upon the trails where crickets sing
And keep our secrets in hope they bring
That one day we won’t need alibi’s
Upon the trails at twilight time.

12 thoughts on “Friday Poetically ~ Night or Day?

  1. Sounds like an illicit affair, I really enjoyed the darkness that explodes here and the feeling that the narrator wants to hide under the cover of twilight Tash. Sensitive and seductive.

  2. the trails at twilight time with the singing crickets…creates quite an image in my head…a really nice one tashi…glad you went for the in between..

  3. ah tripping along twilight…hmm…why do you need an alibi tash…grins…very nice description and i like the off beats of no moms and back stabbing friends

  4. You passed the whole alibi stage yet?..lolLove the stab our backs line, as so true. As always another great read, like how you made it very descriptive putting the images in the readers mind too.

  5. The inbetween-time, where poets and dreamers go when they sink into their words, in that mind lofts amongst the 'smoky shadows to help us hide'. I read the dark blues and purples you've painted this word portrait with and am swept onto those banks that I feel I know so well. Softly and knowingly you lead us there so our eyes can focus on what's real, without that 'piercing light'. "Soul to soul we've been denied but for our secret twilight time", says it all for poets and dreamers who are united despite those denials.Your right, right words give glimpes of the things that call us away as your beautiful river flow words both remind and promise. Would I take that walk with you? Absolutely. This is just beautiful!

  6. Hm. Once again, you imply that you are a denizen of the night, in some respects, anyway..And this seems to be a day for crickets.By the way, if you like poems about back-stabbing, you may enjoy this.

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