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The Vampire ~ OneshotWednesday ~ May 6th, 2011

The Vampire

The Vampire
Edvard Munch

Throughout the lonely nights I lay
Dreaming to be held
Embraced by passion…
My desire to be coveted,
Not unlike your own
I remain willing
To sacrifice so much more,
If but for an eternity
I would no longer have to run,
To fear these carnal desires
To deny myself the beast
That lives within.
To deny is not to live!
Only to shrink away,
Slowly rotting
Amongst the ideals
And thoughts of what they expect of me.
Release me now
From these shackles!
Drink away these poisoned
and corrupted laws
Designed to keep me civilized
These laws that keep me caged.
Strip away this forced fiber of decency
And delight in the rawness that is my being.
Drunk on the blackness that is my soul
My kingdom shall come
After dark
When twilight warms
The waxen skin
Piercing the artery of mortality
I am one with my queen
For no love is as pure
As the love bound by blood
A legacy immortal…
My kingdom shall come.
One of my most favorite paintings is the inspiration for this weeks post at OneShotWednesday compliments of the wonderful team of poets at Onestoppoetry.  Please visit them often and feel free to join in!

19 thoughts on “The Vampire ~ OneshotWednesday ~ May 6th, 2011

  1. whew tash…growing up i was rather enamored with the anne rice novels…lestat, armand and all…great intensity to your verse and to be free of the shred of decency…maybe…smiles.

  2. uhu – you're on the dark and breaking free wave for tonight…intense and emotional words to go with this beautiful pic..delight in the rawness that is my being…nice…

  3. I see the darkness has once again crept in. Did you're light bulb burn out down in your locked room?..lolAnyway very well done once more, the intensity you put into it was wonderful.

  4. "To deny is not to live!Only to shrink away,Slowly rottingAmongst the ideals"Taking that out of context, wow. Great poem as a whole too. A very intense poetic interpretation of image and vampire folklore.

  5. I'm with brian, the vampires that live in my imagination are Rice's and Stoker's,–full-blooded vampires, as it were, as is the one in your poem. One does wonder though, what happens when the beast within is no longer denied. Enjoyed it much.

  6. No Sparkly Vamp here. This is the full-throated beast from down below. Brilliant image and dark–but not over-the-top–sensual malevolence, Natasha. Favorite lines? Drink away these poisonedand corrupted lawsDesigned to keep me civilizedThese laws that keep me caged.Were all breaking loose this week. Glad you could join us and I could join you.

  7. Love the vampire outpour, but saw something special in :'Slowly rottingAmongst the idealsAnd thoughts of what they expect of me.'These lines I will carry with me today.

  8. wow, excellent. SO, many great lines – I esp. love "piercing the artery of mortality" and "Strip away this forced fiber of decency" …makes me feel like howling at the moon (although that is a different monster, I guess 😉

  9. There was so much to consider here; another of your poems where I want to wrap myself in every line and feel them flow around me and comment on every one. Sure, this is a vampire story but this is a human vampire who really only wants what all poeple want. This is a vampire with a conscience, who asks the same questions we all do when we look at morality imposed from artificial sources that are indeed designed to "keep me caged." It is no monster who realizes that "to deny is not to live" This is a vampire with wisdom who has me wishing that he truly does realize his blood love is pure. I could go on and on! In closing I have to add this to my list of favorite poems of yours, Natasha. So much meaning packed into every line while still telling a vivid story. Absolutely bloody brilliant!

  10. There really is a tangible sadness in here, and these lines encompass it for me My kingdom shall comeAfter darkWhen twilight warmsThe waxen skinThis is where your volta comes in the poem. This is no monster rather a man trapped within a demons body. Great flow and rhythm is impeccable as always Tash, great job well executed rich in imagary x

  11. It's not clear to me in the painting which person is the vampire. From the posture, one might assume that it's the woman, yet (also from the posture) it's conceivable that the man is the vampire, emotionally speaking.

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