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The Whisper of a Dream

Even in sleep, my imagination rages, refusing to quite itself to allow me a moments reprieve from thoughts, worries, horrors and more.  As a result, come morning, inspiration is provided, and I get to put pen to paper without too much difficulty.  Many of these little writes are the result of simple REM and for those who enjoy, I thank you 1000x~N

The Whisper of a Dream
A moment of peace as a pause is taken
To stare through the window
Into a flawless angel sky.
The shadows of marshmallow clouds
Dance on pristine fields
Golden and growing
Our bounty for the season to come.
Out of the blue it flashes
A streaming unnamed devil
Impact imminent
As peace turns to wonder, to awe
To disbelief, to fear
A crowd gathers
And a hush fills the air
The distance great,
But still
Mother Earth tremors
As the blinding brilliance fades
And a mushroom grows
Smothering the angel sky.
The sun is outshone
As Mother folds in upon herself
Swallowing the proof of her children
A final judgement
Applied to all.


16 thoughts on “The Whisper of a Dream

  1. Good take on a dream poem–they can be very hard to capture. Mine today is also from a dream, and it gave me fits. This one has an odd serenity at catastrophe that really echoes that suspended feeling we often get as a dream plays like a film before us. Photo is amazing, too.

  2. This is a very powerful message and you delivered it so well. Its interesting to note how these things come in dream state, if one also considers the Jung theory that everything in our dreams is a representation of ourselves, then this fills with even more layers. Thank you for sharing this, much enjoyed ~ Rose

  3. There are so many great things aboout this poem, Natasha, I'm not sure where to begin. The message is great and sadly always current, but I'm most stunned by here by your flow. You have captured that dreamlike flow where images bubble up one after another, sometimes contradictory, sometimes in continuity. Still, all lead from one to the next. Despite dreamy glow of your words works to offest the horror of your subject matter, making it all the more effective. 'Our bounty for the season to come' could work for good or ill from the fields to the mushroom clouds, and it's up to us to decide how we bring ouselves back to Mother. This is a prime example of why the world needs the poetic voice, and that very much includes yours.

  4. Mother Earth is very very allergic to mushroom clouds. Makes her break out in tears. Let us do our best to keep them out of her diet indeed!And my dear Natasha…I noticed you may not have partaken of this poem I posted a couple weeks ago. one with a photo of my girl and her cousin on Crescent Beach down by the LaHave Islands! It was sunny and about 25 degrees in Bridgewater and a windy 15 degrees down at Crescent! LOVED that day. And I miss Nova Scotia a's the link… xoxo

  5. Wow this one was done really well, quite scary too, as mother nature could get rid of use quite easy. This one slipped past me, but I'm all caught up now.

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