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Battle Cry

Lately, us lucky Canadians have been treated to some wonderful advertising campaigns by our elected politicians as we head to the polls (YET AGAIN!) on May 2nd.  I’ve been trying to make sense enough of it all to attempt an educated and “wise” decision, but have to admit, the thought of doing NOTHING is tempting.  I know having the right to vote is amazing, and I truly appreciate it, but I mean, really…we are trying to run a country, not a playground!  Forgive me as I rant poetically, and feel free to share your thoughts too!

Battle Cry

ο»ΏThe battle cry of those forsaken
Rings throughout the morning air
Crushing the calming sunrise
With pomegranate tears
Bleeding a river of rebellion
Refusing to be bought
As the budgets they plan
Play out on prime time TV
Robbing Stephen to buy off Michael
Duct taping the mouth of Jack
While the Bloc runs on the steam of its own agenda
And poor Elizabeth didn’t stand a chance,
Shunned by the media puppeteers
For having too much to say.
The battle cries of the forsaken
Will make their presence known
In advance polls and secret ballots
Paid for with our children’s future
As 200 teachers get their asses kicked to the curb
Christ knows we’re not interested in making anymore babies!?

6 thoughts on “Battle Cry

  1. I have been reading about the elections for the last few weeks. This is the most I have heard here in the US about Canadian elections, so I figured it was BIG. Never expected to read so impassioned a political poem about it, though. Stirring, Natasha.

  2. Seems to be an underlying theme today…lolAs far as I'm concerned they are all full of crap and never do a damn thing, but lay off people, raise prices and then give people $50 more for some senior thing..yeah whoopi, then cancel ferries, get rid of teachers, cut schools, yep great job they are doing. Unless you're rich you get screwed.

  3. I will do my best not to write my own fully in agreement rant in resopnse to yours. πŸ™‚ I have to admit I'm largely ignorant of what's happening in Canadian politics at present, but the great thing about the poem is that the particulars don't matter, and that your poem would works in any place where power systems are broken. Change the names and the problems you hit at remain. It's all here: abuse of teachers, media puppeteers, and budgets playing out on prime time tv, which are all signs of any system that forsakes those without power and makes a cheap show of the job of governing while those now in power suffer. And, the passion of your poetry has inspired me to do reaseach and learn about Elizabeth and the Bloc. A testement to your talent and the power of your words.

  4. Lol I love this political let loose of the ranting kind! Teachers and worthy teachers are so important! I think we have a tough time of it Tash, having to basically do the work of some parents, but those are my own views πŸ˜‰ Strong, opinionated and honest. Great great write!!!

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