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On the Bridge With Purpose ~ For OneShotWednesday

This month, I must say, I have not been meeting my commitments in regards to my writing. For all of you who have commented and read my poems, I have to offer up a sincere and heart~felt thank you.  I do my best to respond to comments and visits, but have been falling behind, and just wanted to let you all know they are all so very much appreciated, and I vow, when time once again becomes my own, to visit with each and every one.

This week, for One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry, I have taken a painting by Larry Matthews to use as my inspiration.  Thanks again for your visits and comments, and please visit with as many of my fellow Oneshoters as you can.  It is you, the reader, that keeps us in the game!

On the Bridge with Purpose

Larry Matthews Photo
Life has owned him for far too long
Tired…so tired
Dodging bullets, dancing evasive maneuvers
On the long road to success
To only realize the definition has changed.
Money? It was never about the money, though
For a time he thought it was.
Praise? What is one to get
Out of something that is always so empty.
Recognition?  The only people who matter,
Already know and love him.
So why? Why has he stood on the bridge so long,
Watching the big one swim lazily by
Without so much as a glint of fear in her eye?
Today is the day he takes it all back.
The time that has been stolen…
The memories with family sacrificed for dollars sake…
The sun beams, the moon rays, the shooting stars
And all the dreams he had forsaken
All the wishes that had wilted.
And now he stands upon the bridge with purpose.
Rod at the ready, hand~tied fly
This time the big one, will not just slip by.


20 thoughts on “On the Bridge With Purpose ~ For OneShotWednesday

  1. Wow a happy ending for a changeTaking a break from the dark range?Yes praise who really gives a crapI'd rather take a napMoney well it be nice to have a bunchThen the only work to do is eat lunch..lolBut the facts won't let the big one slip byAs I try and try and tryVery stirring little comebackAs it didn't lackUnlike your absense at the catShakes my finger back and forth at

  2. smiles. what an endearing poem…glad i found out early it is not all about the money…i chased that once…and i spent sunday on the banks of the pond with my boys teaching them how to fish…thanks for the memories…

  3. Builds to a great finish with flowing rhyme, which fits the subject well. "The only people who matter, / Already know and love him." That part really got to me. It's easy to lose site of that when one gets consumed in many endeavors.

  4. Lovely, the thrill and the sheer beauty of fly fishing always amazed me…the streams that call this men and women to step into them …something so calming about fishing with rod and reel…and that big one…always going for that one big one…bkm

  5. I much admire how you can take a photo of a lazy walk across a bridge and turn it into a discussion of character and values. There are muted echoes here, too, of themes from other poems. Your ryhtym captures that meandering yet purpose finding walk, but what I like best is that you don't even dare to define what the fisherman will find after leaving that quandry on the bridge.The rejection of his illusions is enough to propel him into mystery and dreams and that is what the leap of creativiy and life is all about. This poem is bigger than it looks! Beautiful and transforming work as always!

  6. Natasha, this is beautiful…too often we miss our own lives because we are lost in thoughts or busyness (or business)…until one day, hopefully, we wake up and see, really see our lives with fresh eyes, with gratitude and step into the moment, embraced by lovingkindness for what is.

  7. This is the story of so many men (and an unhealthy share of women, too). All they do is do, they all strive merely to strive, but for what? Too many leave this life thinking about the one that got away, or not even taking the chance to catch that elusive sparkle. In the end, your poem's "lead" looks like he got the message. Wonderful idea wonderfully presented.

  8. This poem speaks to me on so many levels Natasha."Life has owned him for far too longTired…so tiredDodging bullets, dancing evasive maneuversOn the long road to successTo only realize the definition has changed."Its like for a moment you were inside of my head saying every thing I thought but had yet to articulate. I dont want to clog your comment space but I LOVE this poem.

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