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Crimson Knight~Seven

Crimson Knight ~ Seven
Out of the darkness demon snakes
Unraveled at his feet
Uncoiling like liquid vapor
Rising up to meet
Her eye to eye, their silver glare
Shone within their gaze
Evil and immortal beauties
Fueled by demon rage
She smirked and watched his army grow
As men and women they would appear
But their worldly beauty could not hide
That they were fed by fear.
“You’ve out done yourself, Vetis my friend
Why would you wait so long?
You quite obviously have the numbers
You’ve quite obviously grown strong!
But know this now and know it well
The angels will not stand by,
To watch you lay to waste the earth
And let their children die.”
Minions now surrounding them
He laughed his evil laugh
The stone cold beauty who would rule
In man’s aftermath.
His cold hand rose, caressed her cheek
In pity, he shook his head
Crimson flinched, this made him smile
And with velvet voice he said,
“You were always so naive, sweet one
This heart has been your curse
While you ponder the soul of man
 Angel’s tears have quenched their thirst
But they refuse! Will cry no more
For these tainted hearts of men
God and Mother have turned their heads
Their judgement comes again,
At the sight of the Angels’ wings
Your dear mortal souls will cry
We’ll let them have their way with them
And then we’ll collect our prize
A new age will dawn and we will reign
In day and darkened night
No more will we have to hide
Because we will own the light!”

12 thoughts on “Crimson Knight~Seven

  1. Silly, silly vampires, so short-sighted. If they ever really took over, to the point where their population increased dramatically, there would be a gradual lessening of their food supply. They'd have to set up breeding camps of normal humans, and some enterprising vamp would surely start charging for blood-bearing humans, so vamps would need to find jobs… Wonder how appealing eternal life would be if they were forced to start existing much like we who are among the living need to.

  2. The drama heightens from ck6. I think your bending of icons and symbols to fit the wills of CK and Vetis gets a little sharper here , and that is brilliant. The verse beginning 'you were always so naive' reveals the essential difference between the two far more then their respective cosmic views. I also read a sense of sadness on CK's part, as if she feels she can't quite accomplish the divine defense she had hoped for, which is sad but adds great drama to your peice. But, you've clearly painted her as the heroine, and I have no doubt that she will have the upper hand in future chapters and in the end. In the end, I want to dive into the words and the arguments and bet there witht thim. Utterly engaging and exciting and fantastic!

  3. Really going full tilt now, going all smackdown will have to come soon maybe at high noon. haha still in rhyming mode. Looks like Silver put alot of thought into vampires huh? Maybe he is

  4. How about arch enemy #1…Crimson VS. Silver…the saga continues! I can see it all so vividly! How does silver spandex sound to you, Silver? 🙂 (or perhaps we can bring in the Green Machine from Face it Facts!) Battle Royal!

  5. We may have to go partners…50/50…you do the doodles, I'll do the rhymes 🙂 We'll leave the spandex on the cutting room floor…don't go there! lol

  6. Maybe someday, I'll start serializing my own vampire story on my "Foxyblog."And as for leaving my clothes on the floor… Oh, wait. You said don't go there. Silly me. (Besides, I don't want Pat to start teasing me again about flirting with married women!)

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