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Friendly Fields of Fire

Friendly Fields of Fire
Early evening falls in a Nova Scotia October
Still warm enough to forgo the sweater, despite Mom’s insistence
But her legs must be covered up
Protecting the scabs so carefully collected
In a short but sweltering summer time.
She peddles for all she’s worth
Knees pumping, up, down, up, down, hair flying
The wild flames of autumn hot on her heels
Over a beaten path of ocean smoothed pebbles
Scent of smokey twilight in the air.
Her imagined finish line never appears
The checkered flag will never wave in her unending marathon
Her energy will last forever, or at least until bedtime
When hot cocoa and toast will send her to dreamland
Vibrant little Blue Noser, racing through friendly fields of fire.
Larry Matthews Photo

4 thoughts on “Friendly Fields of Fire

  1. Beuatiul end of summer-turning-into autumn imagery and a window glimpse of childhood. I absolutely love the line 'the wild flames of autumn hot on her heels', and your water and fire imagery work so well together. But, for all the atumnal beauty and youthful energy, I'm troubled and saddened by the last stanza, as the words, though they match the beauty and feel of the poem, take on other meanings and add much weight to your imagery. Fields of fire particularly has negative connotations, and her imagined finish line is both hopeful and sad at the same time, depending on one's temporal view. A glimpse of both childhood and energetic hope remembered, colored by time through glass blades of fields of fire, indeed. Beautiful and deceptively deep.

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