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Crimson Knight ~ Six

Crimson Knight ~ Six
“Crimson, love, it’s been so long,”
His voice was smooth as slime
“Why would you stay away from me
For such a terribly long time?”
She laughed out loud, a silver bell
Within the sulphurs air
“Vetis, you fool! You’re flattery’s
Will not get you anywhere!”
At her back, her hemlock arrows
Flashed suddenly with light,
His black eyes shone, his smile wained,
“You have always thought your right,”
“Protecting all these silly fools
Guiding them through their fog,
Crimson, dear, have you not yet learned
To let go and let God?”
She took a step toward her foe
Smiling no longer
And as he shrunk away from her
She suddenly seemed stronger.
“God let them go centuries ago,
A condition of free will,
And now you use their ancient fears
And deny Her miracles?”
“You fool of fools, you impure beast,
Did you think I’d just stand by
While you poison hearts with silly myths
Just to watch them die?”
“Where’s your army now, my friend
Why do you stand alone?
When with just a whispered breath I could
Defeat and take your throne?”
And now it was the demon’s turn
To laugh a hearty laugh.
He turned from Crimson, daring her
By showing her his back.
When next he spoke his voice was soft
The charming Vetis, known
For all those years spent at his side
His Queen upon her throne.
“Once again you come to me
And dare to call me fool?
Know the hours at hand when I will rise
And in the daylight rule.”
“These silly beings you insist
On defending for morel’s sake
Refusing to choose either side
Will be your last mistake.”


5 thoughts on “Crimson Knight ~ Six

  1. As with the Fox I was half expecting the ending as well, but the other half knew you weren't going too, another fine addition to the crimson knight series.

  2. This is another one where I want to comment on every word. CK is one of my favorite of your poems, and, as you know, I think this is the best chapter yet. The heart of any story is conflict, and I count three levels of conflict here and all of them are in sync with each other and rise above the steady, balladic rhythm of your words. Your dramatic rythm increases due to the content rather than construction of the poem which adds to the organicness of CK and Vetis' drama, along with their approach/reproach movements with each other. Riveting and brilliant! Anyway, love the romantic conflict, and it seems CK's question of identity seems to stem largely from that,

  3. which dovetails into her view of religion and faith and how that affects the world large. Global and personal intertwine as CK fights for herself and a faith that isn't imprisoned by damaging myth; free herself to free the world for soemthing better. Fantastic and essential. (Sorry for the length!)

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