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Night Falls in Nova Scotia

The following picture was taken by my Dad, the one in my family who was kind enough to pass along this creative bug that has infested my being for as long as I can remember.  Also the one who has paved my way in my career as a real estate agent, having begun our little family brokerage 35years ago.  He is another creative force, and battles everyday to express it as we continue to try to make our way here in the real world, where the day job takes precedence, and food on the table is a must.  Visit him over on Facebook to see more of his fantastic photography, his paintings, and his ponderings on this world, our business, and life in general.  Find Larry Matthews on Facebook if for no other reason than he’s my Dad 🙂

Night Falls in Nova Scotia
Photo by Larry Matthews
On the hill in Fort Ellis
The tidal bore races up the river
A white wall of water
Erasing her muddy floor
Twilight whispers
As the wind picks up
The force of the mighty Bay of Fundy
In action.
The moon rides high above the skinny pines
Suspended long before true darkness falls
Invited by the tides
To glow in her splendor
Washing the world in her silvery embrace
As we chase the darkness.
A hawk soars above
For a moment trapped
Silhouetted against a blue nose moonbeam
For She couldn’t possibly shine as bright anywhere else.
For a moment you feel as though you could reach out
And forever trap her light
Within one of Nan’s old mason jars
Just like the fireflies on an early summer eve
But that would be wrong
For she has other places to shine upon
And we’ve never been known to be greedy.
The smell of the wood stove
Heightens our senses
As we wait
For Night Fall in Nova Scotia
~Natasha Head~


7 thoughts on “Night Falls in Nova Scotia

  1. ah a wonderful capture…nice inclusion of the fireflies which was a fun pass time growing up…yes she has other places to shine and inspire poets such as yourself…nice pic by dad too…

  2. I wish I weren't so greedy … but with such riches here, it's hard not to want to hoard them all. The scale here is impressive, so wide, wild, and full …I shall thoroughly enjoy my future visits to your neck of the verbal wood … Brendan

  3. Very nice photo indeedI like the others found on his facebook feedI was wondering a tadIf he was your dadAs you kept caling him the bossman when he was awayDuring our rhyming playSo he's to blame for sealing your fateMaking you a victim of real estate..LOLSo now before I goJust wanted to say great little post you showAs yes Nova Scotia can be quite niceDeserves a mention twice

  4. This is really is beautiful – a vibrant and breathing portrait of a place I've never been, but can certainly visualize thanks to your words. And the words Bay of Fundy by themselves always make me think of one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs, but I digress already. 🙂 I love the contrast of light and darkness here, I think as the moon gives light before true darkness falls or the hawk soars as even as her viewers chase darkness. And darkness continues to ripple through the words as night fall is waited on. However, what really makes this poem sing for me is that it's not a static picture, but it's laced with memory and affection for place and people which makes it a breathing portrait. The last seven lines say it all.

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