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Crimson Knight ~ Four

Crimson Knight ~ Four
The warrior turns to hidden door
That creates her portal here
To visit worlds above~below
When she is summoned there
But the world of Vetis, known too well
Makes her hard heart beat
The demon of corruption’s breath
A memory too sweet
Through the chamber, torch held high
Afire despite the speed
Of traveling the cosmic route
To the land of demon seed.
If human faith and believes are flawed
It is in their fear of hell
For the only demons it collects
Are those with souls to sell
Images of sinful ways
Seep throughout her mind
She travels the portal of temptation
Where there is Paradise to find.
Money, riches, power, fame
All tools to train his camp
Drowning them in earth’s temptations
The blood~sucking, hungry, vamps.
Her travel comes to abrupt end
A wrought iron gate appears
She is now in the land most lost
Her heart resisting fear.

3 thoughts on “Crimson Knight ~ Four

  1. I want to start by saying how much I love the stanza which starts "if human faith an believes are flawed", which is just a lovely bit of wisdom all by itself. It also sets the tone for the remainder of the poem, adds your usual spot on commentary, and helps to actually define who the warrior is in terms of her reaction to the same. The definition of sin/ethics here, for me at last, adds heroism to her characeter in lieu of her reactions to being in the presence of even the land of Vetis, the tempter, let alone the demon, himself. Once again I'm pulled deeper into the narrative as the stakes move between personal and universal and the threads are weaved so tightly. In this chapter, character, plot and them seem one. So much more than just a story! Onto chapter 5….

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