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Crimson Knight ~ Five

Crimson Knight ~ Five
He heard the gate and smelled her scent
Before he saw her there
Like summer rain, amongst the dank
Dark and sulphurous demon lair
He closed his eyes to feel her heart
Racing in the dark
Unlike him, she still pumped blood
Through a living, beating heart
He had been close, his temptations ripe
To keep her down below
But he had grown oh, so careless
Believing she’d never go.
But that was then and this is now
No longer was she there
She had run, escaped her fate
Cheating demon lair.
But time was friend to one who never
Had the fear of death
And for 100 years he had vowed
To be the one to take her breath.
“Your tricks grow old, you must stop”
He smiled at the sound,
Her voice like summer, a cooling rain
He slowly turned around.
This Crimson post will be going up as my One Shot Wednesday post at One Stop Poetry.  Just a little bit of fun this week, nothing too deep, no rants against society, just a comic book moment. 🙂  For those who take any interest, you can find all my Crimson Knight posts under her tab above.  Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to One Stop Poetry for providing us all with this awesome opportunity to get to know and share.  Happy One Shot Wednesday Eve! 

16 thoughts on “Crimson Knight ~ Five

  1. I've been really entertained following your Crimson Knight series. This one is my favorite. I get a sense of enjoyment you may have had in writing this. Hope so. I certainly enjoyed it.

  2. I had to go back & read all the other 4 before I could see where 5 was going. Excellent stuff. Wonder if there'll be a 6?Thanks for sharing.

  3. I still think there's more going on between your heroine and Vetis than has been explicity stated in the story so far, especially in light of ch. 3, but I'm still going to wait before saying anything more. 🙂 Still, I read a lot of tension between the elation of freedom and the stench of anxiety that whatever 100 year beast we are escaping from will stop at nothing to reclaim us and drag us back to the demon's lair. Even the demon's voice sounds better than it is (great consistant contrast of summer rain versus pure dankness), given that he has no heart, adding to the danger. And despite all the temptation that was hinted at in the previous chapter (great to read them together), the fact that he can still sense her heart may be the greatest danger of all. I'm utterly, utterly riveted.

  4. Pleasantly creepy and carrying for me a lot of double meanings since I'm unfamiliar with the series–but that was no impediment to my enjoying this dark and sensuous strife between lover and demon.

  5. Natasha, This obviously relates to work with which I'm not yet familiar, but the poem speaks to me nonetheless.This opening: "He heard the gate and smelled her scentBefore he saw her thereLike summer rain," is simply magic, and demonstrates a great understanding of the essential musicality of the English language. Well done. James.

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