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Shadorma ~ Form Monday at One Stop Poetry

Class is in session once again at One Stop Poetry.  This weeks Form Monday brings us the Shadorma Form.  Please enjoy my attempts…

Though the din
Silver ~ Air bender
Water ~ Witch
Earth ~ Wizard
Purifying Fire burns
Elements winning
Power On
Energy surging
Mind opens
In silence
Third eye ever seeing more
Connecting to source
Peace comes now
Clarity is here
Embrace self
Divinity Manifests
Miracles happen

11 thoughts on “Shadorma ~ Form Monday at One Stop Poetry

  1. Beautiful Natasha. Well written. (Look at the Purifying line…I got 6 but I didn't check the dictionary.) I love the intensity here and the way you condense your themes.

  2. love them each individually but the progression from one to the other was outstanding and impressive and the message even better! My favs from today's shadorma challenge.

  3. the first part made me think of the pokemon games..haha..soooo sad I know. i like how you captured the feelings you were conveying with just a few short words, nice job.

  4. I'm getting a seven count on the purifying line(giving fire two syllables–Gay may be pronouncing it in one, Texas style. ;_) )–which is a great one, and how could I not like that whole witchy theme? As others have said, an effective progression here as well. Nice work.

  5. As above so below and welcome to mystic territory – our quest is alawys for enlightenment. As I think you know, I'm a huge fan of what you're talking about with these gem poems. I can see how they weave around the theme and love that each poem can work either seperately or togegther. For the first one, it's a fine jig of an elemental dance you've constructed, and I have a sense of a process of the elements rising from the din so they can win. 'Silver ~ Air Bender' is just a lovely line by itself. So, elements winning, the witch connects with her power source an that is always silence. To me, the third poem describes nothing but evolution, with the outside lines flowing from the center two. Look out how the last line in each one connects! Beautiful and uplifting!

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