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Crimson Knight ~Three

Crimson Knight ~ Three
The Rise of Vetis
Below the pavement of Sycamore Street
Asphalt hides a clan
Of glamorized yet hellish feigns
Who hope to feast on man.
Black is their being, inside out
Seeking power most corrupt
And in the blood of nonbelievers
They hope to feed and supp.
Vetis, Master of all most high
Can see within a heart
And with temptation, vanity and fame
Can tear it straight apart.
Those who doubt fall at his feet
To rise with him at night
A brutal uprising waits to ensue
But the timing must be right.
For she still walks in daylight proud
Aware he waits in slumber
Growing forces one by one
By blood, quench thirst, stall hunger
The darkest prince of hers was he
But even demon hearts get broken
She could not defend his ways
 Defeating him with token
A silver coin upon his eyes
While his army rested
She slid away to earthly realm
And he was, for one time, bested.
But the time shall come when Crimson cries
Tear drops sweet as blood
For he will finally have his revenge
Knife through the heart of love.
And upon the earth mortals will weep
Not knowing the saviour they have lost
 A staunch defender will die in defeat
Their world will be the cost.
~Natasha Head~

5 thoughts on “Crimson Knight ~Three

  1. I really can't wait to read this in it's entirety. If you ever want to send a preview, you know where to find me. 🙂 The story gets much deeper here, and I think I'm starting to see a few subplots and hints of interior meaning that make this far more than a standard power-grab, redemptive fantasy epic. And, even though CK3 is in the same form as it's predecessors, the language is slower and heavier, possibly signifying something very dark and sad. Sadder perhaps even beyond the conflict in the narrative. Kept in suspense by the storyteller, I feel like I want to put my finger on something specific,

  2. (cont'd) but am kept in the dark just enough to make me impatient for the next chapter, but patient enough to see the plot more fully revealed before I say it. Again, this is great storytelling in poetic form and I will be absorbing every word until the entire story is told.

  3. Agree with Brian you should try and make this into a graphic novel or book or something as it is getting better with each post. Really delving into it quite well, I must

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